Dan Olson Feature Archive

New, temporary weight restrictions go into effect Thursday for heavy trucks using the Stillwater lift bridge across the St. Croix River. (08/17/2011)
The state government shutdown and high water levels will delay completion of the Hastings and Lafayette bridges. (08/16/2011)
The Boy Scouts successfully navigated the bureaucratic thicket that manages the historic Upper Post, opening their new North Star Council Base Camp in October. (08/10/2011)
This summer's volatile weather has made gardening a challenge. However, that's not deterring Twin Cities young people in the Youth Farm and Market Project. (08/08/2011)
The Hiawatha light rail is back in service, after a downed power line interrupted service earlier today. (08/05/2011)
An Eden Prairie-based loan modification company is accused of taking homeowners' money but not modifying their loans. (08/04/2011)
A National Night Out event in north Minneapolis Tuesday evening drew a crowd due in part to free food and entertainment donated by local churches and businesses. (08/02/2011)
Hundreds of people turned out in downtown Minneapolis Monday for the dedication of a remembrance garden, in memorial of the 35W bridge victims and survivors. (08/02/2011)
Minnesota transportation officials are holding to a Sept. 30 deadline for having a new St. Croix bridge plan in place. (07/29/2011)
An expanded list proposes closing 117 U.S. post offices in Minnesota. (07/26/2011)
Some Democrats are upset that DFL Gov. Mark Dayton gave up his push for higher taxes on the state's wealthiest residents, while some Republicans wanted deeper cuts in state spending. (07/22/2011)
Minnesota homeowners facing foreclosure because of unemployment or underemployment have one more day to apply for up to $50,000 of help. (07/21/2011)
The nearly $500 million bonding bill signed into law Wednesday will borrow $10 million for local road maintenance and safety improvements. (07/20/2011)
The transportation bill agreed to as part of the state budget agreement doesn't cut transit funding as deeply as originally proposed and even contains some additional money for road maintenance. (07/19/2011)
Federal housing officials have rejected a bid from a controversial New York City property owner to buy a Brooklyn Center apartment building. (07/18/2011)