Dan Olson Feature Archive

Minnesota homeowners facing foreclosure because of unemployment or underemployment have one more day to apply for up to $50,000 of help. (07/21/2011)
The nearly $500 million bonding bill signed into law Wednesday will borrow $10 million for local road maintenance and safety improvements. (07/20/2011)
The transportation bill agreed to as part of the state budget agreement doesn't cut transit funding as deeply as originally proposed and even contains some additional money for road maintenance. (07/19/2011)
Federal housing officials have rejected a bid from a controversial New York City property owner to buy a Brooklyn Center apartment building. (07/18/2011)
Until lawmakers approve a new budget early this week, 22,000 state employees will remain out of work along with thousands of private sector workers. (07/18/2011)
A petition from two key Minnesota GOP lawmakers today to order work to resume on many of the state's shuttered road projects was taken under advisement by the judge appointed to rule on essential government services. (07/13/2011)
A group of Stillwater residents and river protection organizations proposed a more modest bridge that will cost half as much as the existing plan. (07/13/2011)
Supporters of an alternative Stillwater bridge plan say they'll release details of the proposal this Tuesday afternoon. (07/12/2011)
The Federal Housing Administration will offer a 12-month grace period on federally-backed mortgages to out-of-work borrowers. (07/08/2011)
Minnesota's two most populous counties say nearly all their services are intact on day six of the state government shutdown. However, officials in the two counties say they are worried about timely arrival of state dollars which fund many of their services. (07/06/2011)
A Marine from Maplewood is Minnesota's most recent casualty in the war in Afghanistan. (07/05/2011)
Construction is continuing on the Central Corridor light rail project between Minneapolis and St. Paul, despite a state government shutdown. (07/01/2011)
Metro Transit buses and trains are operating on normal schedules, the Stillwater Lift Bridge is open, but road construction projects have stopped. (07/01/2011)
A government shutdown would also suspend electrical inspections required by law for nearly all construction projects, effectively slowing building projects to a halt and potentially stranding workers. (06/29/2011)
Proposed cuts to Twin Cities bus service could put more than 500 employees out of jobs and eliminate more than 200 bus routes during peak hours. (06/27/2011)