Dan Olson Feature Archive

"The end of our disease is death or recovery," the Rev. Jo Campe says of the addiction to alcohol that prompted him to contemplate suicide nearly 17 years ago. "There aren't any other options." (12/28/2011)
Handbell choir performances around our region reach a peak during the holidays. Minnesota Sounds and Voices reporter Dan Olson recently spoke with Betty Fletcher Mast, a matriarch of the Minnesota handbell scene. (12/20/2011)
As they do with the coming of winter every year, thousands upon thousands of crows -- maybe even millions -- have started to swarm, caw and roost each night in downtown Minneapolis. (12/07/2011)
Over the past four years more than a hundred north Minneapolis Hmong residents have benefited from the homework help program. (12/02/2011)
Every week, Bea Hasselmann walks past the razor wire-topped security fence and into the state's oldest juvenile detention facility to show young men how music can affect the soul. (11/25/2011)
The number of native speakers of the Dakota language is dwindling, but one teacher is keeping it alive to preserve a culture and a way of life. (11/16/2011)
Seminary Fen, on the edge of the Twin Cities with its prairie sedge, swamp thistle, goldenrod and marsh marigolds, has had its share of threats. (11/02/2011)
Long-time Minnesota civil rights activist Kwame McDonald organized community athletic opportunities for young people and was a pioneer in covering women's sports. He died Wednesday at age 80. (10/27/2011)
The leaves that paint the landscape burnt orange and bright red can just as easily forge ties to the land and other Minnesotans. (10/26/2011)
Instead of coming up through church choirs or music conservatories, the members of the Messiah's Men choir found their voices together, after escaping their civil war-ravaged homeland of Liberia. (10/17/2011)
The Venture North Bike Walk and Coffee shop opens for business this weekend. The shop is a partnership, underwritten by the city, to help instill work ethic and skills in young employees and promote exercise and health habits. (10/07/2011)
Fewer drunk drivers are on Minnesota roads, reflecting a national trend reported by the Centers for Disease Control. (10/06/2011)
Public school officials today launched a campaign to attract more students to the district, even as enrollment is rising. (10/05/2011)
University of Minnesota police say their decoy bike helped them arrest a campus bike thief. (10/04/2011)
Federal disability benefits ended today for 89 Minnesota residents, many with military ties to the United States' war in Vietnam. (09/30/2011)