Laura McCallum Feature Archive

Minnesota students did better in reading and math this year than the national average, according to a new report released Tuesday. (09/25/2007)
Officials in Minnesota's largest school district say they may have to close as many as nine schools if voters don't approve a property tax increase in November. (09/13/2007)
Two suburban school districts are now offering Chinese immersion programs, in response to rising demand from parents. (09/11/2007)
School officials say they have no choice, because state funding isn't keeping pace with their rising costs. (09/04/2007)
More than one in every three Minnesota schools failed to make sufficient gains last year under the federal No Child Left Behind education law. (08/30/2007)
A new Minneapolis charter school aims to close the academic achievement gap between white students and students of color. (08/29/2007)
A Twin Cities college offers a free week-long science academy to low-income students, to try to spark their interest in science careers. (08/16/2007)
Twin Cities libraries have kicked off a summer reading program for teens. Librarians say busy teenagers don't typically make time for reading, yet summer reading can help them academically. (06/13/2007)
Montessori education celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, and Montessori educators say this method of teaching is thriving in Minnesota. (06/12/2007)
For more than a decade, a retired Medtronic executive has awarded scholarships to low-income students from Edison High School in northeast Minneapolis. (06/03/2007)
The 2007 session didn't achieve the ambitious goals set by early childhood advocates before the session, but lawmakers did boost funding for programs that prepare children for school. (05/31/2007)
The $13.8 billion education bill passed by the Legislature would boost spending on special education by about $330 million, the largest-ever increase for special ed funding. School districts with large numbers of special education students are the biggest winners. (05/25/2007)
Gov. Pawlenty says he may veto one of the major bills that lawmakers passed in the final hours of the session Monday night. The governor has his eye on the tax bill, after lawmakers included a provision he opposes. But even if he vetoes the bill, it wouldn't necessarily force a special session. (05/22/2007)
The bill would boost education spending by nearly $800 million. But it falls short of the hopes for education this session, and it doesn't include all of the governor's key education goals. (05/21/2007)
Education officials from Minnesota and four other states say states need to do a better job of teaching both Indian and non-Indian students about American Indian culture. (05/16/2007)