Laura McCallum Feature Archive

Some lawmakers are questioning Gov. Pawlenty's leadership on the issue of a possible special session to take up new stadiums. Pawlenty said late last week that he won't call a special session at this time, saying Senate Democrats are unwilling to limit the agenda. But some legislators say Pawlenty should be building support for a special session, instead of casting blame. (10/18/2005)
A panel in Minneapolis says the country faces a looming financial crisis, and elected officials aren't making the tough choices required to fix the problem. (10/17/2005)
Many Minnesota homeowners could be in for a big surprise when they get their truth-in-taxation statements this fall. Property taxes are expected to rise by double digits in many communities. The reasons range from rising costs for local governments to decisions made by the state Legislature. (10/03/2005)
On the day that John Roberts was sworn in as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, Minnesota's chief justice announced she's stepping down. (09/29/2005)
Legislative leaders are giving mostly negative reviews to Gov. Pawlenty's conditions for calling a special session. Pawlenty's proposal includes several issues that could come up in a special session, including stadiums. (09/28/2005)
Governor Pawlenty is challenging other states to boost their ethanol consumption. He told a meeting of the Governors' Ethanol Coalition that the corn-based fuel will reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil. The group consists of 31 states and five countries that support ethanol. But unlike Minnesota, few of them mandate ethanol use. (09/26/2005)
Several nurses at the state-run Minneapolis Veterans Home say severe understaffing at the home led to patient injuries and medical errors. (09/22/2005)
There's no consensus among Minnesota's congressional delegation on how to pay for the recovery. (09/22/2005)
The Vikings' deal with Anoka County puts more pressure on Gov. Pawlenty to call a special session this fall to deal with stadiums. The Minnesota Twins and the University of Minnesota Gophers have already asked the governor to call a special session for their stadium bills. But adding another stadium to the mix, particularly one calling for a sizable state investment, may hurt the chances for the two already in line. (09/20/2005)
St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly says he welcomes his role as the underdog in the race for his office. Kelly finished a distant second in Tuesday's primary election, behind DFL-endorsed candidate Chris Coleman. Observers say Kelly will have a tough time winning re-election. (09/14/2005)
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many Minnesotans have wondered whether this state is prepared for a similar large-scale disaster. (09/10/2005)
There hasn't been much debate over Supreme Court chief justice nominee John Roberts in Minnesota, although some Minnesotans are trying to drum up either support or opposition. (09/06/2005)
There's no statewide election this year in Minnesota, but that hasn't stopped state officials from making their usual visits to the State Fair. (08/31/2005)
It's not only the airline and the mechanics that have a stake in Northwest Airlines' financial situation, but also the taxpayers of Minnesota. In the early '90s, the state lent Northwest $270 million, and the company is still making payments. (08/26/2005)
More than a dozen Minnesota legislators are in Seattle this week, along with thousands of attendees at the annual convention of the National Conference of State Legislatures. Some of the Minnesotans say the state is still viewed as a leader in many areas, despite this year's partial government shutdown. (08/19/2005)