Laura McCallum Feature Archive

A candidate forum on business issues was the latest in which Attorney General Mike Hatch chose not to participate. Some Democrats are wondering why Hatch is keeping a low profile on the campaign trail. (02/08/2006)
The warden of Minnesota's only women's prison goes before the Shakopee city council Tuesday night to describe plans to expand the prison. Despite objections from some neighbors, Gov. Pawlenty also wants to build a fence around the prison (02/06/2006)
As the president spoke in Maplewood, about 100 people protested his policies nearby. The crowd included anti-war activists and supporters of same sex marriage. (02/02/2006)
Peter Hutchinson's thirst for adventure took him to the top of Washington's Mt. Rainier in 1985. That climb might seem easy compared to his latest endeavor - a third-party run for Minnesota governor. (01/25/2006)
Peter Hutchinson will officially enter the governor's race this week. The former Minneapolis schools superintendent and former state finance commissioner will run as an Independence Party candidate. (01/23/2006)
Gov. Pawlenty is proposing a nearly $900 million package of capital improvement projects around the state. His bonding proposal includes $270 million for state colleges and universities, and $60 million to complete the Northstar commuter rail line. (01/17/2006)
Civil rights leader John Lewis says America must not forget about the struggle to achieve racial equality. The Democratic congressman from Georgia, spoke Monday morning at the 16th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Junior holiday breakfast in downtown Minneapolis. (01/16/2006)
One week after saying he wanted to crack down on illegal immigration, Gov. Tim Pawlenty proposed ways to help legal immigrants. The Republican governor's plan includes a new tax credit for immigrants seeking citizenship, and more money for English language instruction and immunizations. (01/12/2006)
Unprecedented growth in the number of sex offenders confined to secure treatment facilities prompted Gov. Tim Pawlenty to include a $44.6 million expansion of the Moose Lake facility in his bonding recommendations Tuesday. (01/10/2006)
DFL gubernatorial candidate Kelly Doran has added State Sen. Sheila Kiscaden to his ticket. Kiscaden was an Independence Party member and former Republican from Rochester, who is switching to the DFL Party. Doran and Kiscaden say they plan to reach out to Minnesotans across the political spectrum. (01/09/2006)
Gov. Pawlenty wants the state to add facial recognition technology to Minnesota drivers' licenses to prevent identity theft. His announcement comes a day after Attorney General Mike Hatch raised similar concerns, and signals that identity theft could be a hot topic in the race for governor. (01/05/2006)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty traveled to Michigan Wednesday to meet with senior Ford Motor Co. executives on the future of the company's St. Paul plant. Published reports last month said the St. Paul plant was on a list of North American factories slated for closure. (01/04/2006)
Immigration issues have moved to the forefront of political debate in recent weeks, thanks largely to Gov. Tim Pawlenty. It began in December when Pawlenty released what has become a controversial report on the costs associated with illegal immigration. And it continued this week, when the governor outlined a series of proposals to identify and crack down on illegal immigration in Minnesota. (01/04/2006)
Many Minnesota homeowners are frustrated that their property taxes will jump by double digits next year. Some hope that anger will pressure legislators to overhaul the system, but a major change appears unlikely to happen next session. (12/30/2005)
A new "Support Our Troops" license plate allows Minnesota vehicle owners to display their patriotism while helping military families and veterans in the state. (12/19/2005)