Patty Marsicano Feature Archive

Third District Republican Congressman Jim Ramstad has held the seat for 10 years. But as he pursues his sixth term in office, three other candidates are asking citizens to vote for them instead. (10/03/2000)
Minnesota prison inmates have written and illustrated a book which they hope will keep at-risk kids from becoming fellow inmates. (03/16/2000)
The Minnesota Civil Liberties Union is challenging a surcharge on the money state prisoners receive from the outside. (01/06/2000)
It's been a year since Minnesota's settlement with the tobacco industry created a non-profit anti-tobacco organization called MPAAT - the Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco. State health officials say about 22 percent of Minnesota adults smoke, about the same as the national average. One of MPAAT'S missions is to help smokers quit, but it's not required to reduce smoking rates. So what is MPAAT doing? (10/05/1999)