Euan Kerr Feature Archive

Elizabeth Strout's new novel explores cultural conflict in her home state of Maine which, like Minnesota, has a growing Somali population. On Saturday, Strout will meet with members of the Somali community in Minneapolis to talk about "The Burgess Boys." (04/10/2014)
The Knight Foundation will start accepting applications Monday for its $1.5 million Arts Challenge in St Paul. (04/06/2014)
A festival this large and complex means many things to many people. The program swings from feature films to shorts, from documentaries to edgy late-night spine tinglers. (04/03/2014)
As the public face of orchestra management during the 16-month musicians lockout, Michael Henson was a lightning rod for criticism both from players and audience members. (03/21/2014)
When award-winning pianist Jeremy Denk joins the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra next year as its new artistic partner, he promises to create "Mozart's iPod shuffle." (03/18/2014)
The Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis is debuting an original adaptation of Philip Pullman's book "The Scarecrow and his Servant." (03/14/2014)
"Othello" is a notoriously difficult play, a tragedy laced with love, deceit, and murderous jealousy. Underlying the work is the inescapable issue of race, as Othello the Moor faces the malevolence of all-white Venice. (03/11/2014)
The board of the Minnesota Orchestra met Friday for three hours without taking public action on the futures of president and CEO Michael Henson and former Music Director Osmo Vanska. (03/01/2014)
The story about Omar and the complicated relationships with his childhood friends Amjad and Tarek, and Tarek's sister Nadia, who both Omar and Amjad love, play out in a community divided by the Israeli built security walls. However Abu-Assad says he wants audiences to focus on the universal theses in the story, rather than the specific location. (02/22/2014)
Minnesota Orchestra Conductor Laureate Stanislaw Skrowaczewski turned 90 years old in October without missing a beat. Classical music fans will applaud him again Sunday afternoon when they meet at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis to celebrate the living legend. (02/21/2014)
Classical music fans will applaud Skrowaczewski Sunday afternoon when they meet at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis to celebrate the living legend. Gov. Mark Dayton has declared Sunday Maestro Skrowaczewski Day in Minnesota. (02/21/2014)
The list, posted on the Archdiocese website, includes nine names. All but two of the men are already known to the public. Three are dead. Only one was accused in the past decade. (02/17/2014)
Movie Maven Stephanie Curtis and arts reporter Euan Kerr tell the tale of two remakes: "Robocop" looks good but lacks depth, while "About Last Night" gets a qualified endorsement. (02/14/2014)
In Jim Hodges hands old denim becomes an epic skyscape, light sockets and bulbs become sculpture, and ancient boulders become modern art. This weekend the Walker Art Center opens "Give More than You Take," a show featuring a quarter century of Hodge's work. (02/13/2014)
Osmo Vanska remains popular with orchestra-goers, but his return will be complicated. If the board does remove CEO Michael Henson, as Vanska wants, it looks like it has caved. If it doesn't, it makes a possible Vanska return very difficult. (02/10/2014)