Euan Kerr Feature Archive

The largest modern show of Maya artifacts opens at the Science Museum of Minnesota. It explores the complex society which built huge cities across Central America over a millennium ago. (06/21/2013)
Groundbreaking begins Wednesday on a $79 million concert hall at the Ordway Center for Performing Arts. Major arts groups from St. Paul will gather this morning for a ceremony marking the moment. (06/19/2013)
Early birds walking around the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden this morning witnessed Tim Antilla giving a quick lick of paint to the spoon part of Claes Oldenburg's iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry. (06/18/2013)
The weekend is upon us and Cube Critics, Stephanie Curtis the Movie Maven and arts reporter Euan Kerr, expound on the gross-out humor of "This is the End." (06/14/2013)
The question of whether the Minnesota Orchestra should return almost a million dollars in state aid because of the ongoing musicians lockout was raised Thursday after a report from the Legislative Auditor. (06/13/2013)
If it walks like a horse and talks like a horse, and looks like a horse, especially from a distance, does that make it a horse? In the case of Joey the war horse the answer is no -- and yes. (06/12/2013)
It was a surprise Monday when the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra announced that violinist Kyu-Young Kim, who in February announced he was leaving after winning a spot on the New York Philharmonic, is now staying to become the SPCO's senior director of artistic planning. (06/10/2013)
Steve Dietz tells a story about the first Northern Spark. It was three years ago, and as artistic director he was scheduled to say a few words to open the event. The problem was, he didn't know if anyone would be there to listen to what he said. (06/07/2013)
Minnesota Public Radio's Stephanie Curtis discusses "The Kings of Summer" in this week's Cube Critics video. Curtis said the familiar story is goes from hackneyed to a gem in the hands of director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. (06/07/2013)
A highlight of this year's Northern Spark Festival will be the burning of a full-sized replica of a Marcel Breuer-designed house. St. Paul artist Chris Larson is mounting the project not only as homage, but also as passing the torch from modernism to architecture of the future. (06/07/2013)
A California rancher is presenting the Minneapolis Institute of Art with a Japanese art collection worth $25 million. The collection of almost 1,700 works spans a thousand years of Japanese history. (06/04/2013)
Arts reporter Euan Kerr says moviegoers might want to ignore "After Earth" and embrace "Stories We Tell." (05/31/2013)
MPR Arts Reporter and Cube Critic Euan Kerr joins Steve Seel and Jill Riley to talk about the new Will Smith sci-fi film and about a new documentary by Canadian filmmaker Sarah Polley. (05/31/2013)
Locked-out musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra will perform at a sold-out farewell concert in Minneapolis Friday featuring four players who are leaving Minnesota for other cities. (05/31/2013)
Canadian film maker Sarah Polley's family used to joke about how she didn't look like any of her older siblings. As she got older she learned the truth behind the joke, and this led to a documentary which not only examines her own situation, but how people tell deal with uncomfortable family realities. (05/31/2013)