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Locked out Minnesota Orchestra musicians plan to speak later this morning on the status of negotiations with orchestra management on a new contract. (09/30/2013)
The two sides have been working against a deadline which has nothing to do with the issues in the contract dispute. This is the week by which Vanska says he needs to be back on stage rehearsing with musicians to prepare for upcoming concerts at Carnegie Hall. (09/30/2013)
Despite facing a deadline of Monday to get a deal which will keep Minnesota Orchestra Music Director Osmo Vanska in town, the warring sides in the labor dispute failed to meet over the weekend. (09/30/2013)
Locked out musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra Saturday unanimously rejected a contract offer from orchestra management. Musicians say the offer was "artistically unsustainable" and would do long-term damage to the orchestra. MPR News' Euan Kerr has the story. (09/28/2013)
The musicians say they do not believe Monday is a hard deadline for a deal to prevent the departure of music director Osmo Vanska. They say they will present new proposals to mediator George Mitchell in hopes of reaching a deal. (09/28/2013)
The latest offer comes as the two sides face a deadline to reach a deal by Monday or risk losing music director Osmo Vanska. (09/28/2013)
The Cube Critics issue a split opinion on this week's movie, "Don Jon." The film, which Stephanie finds to be a delightful romantic comedy, follows a man addicted to pornography who is trying to deal with the real women in his life. (09/27/2013)
Management at the Minnesota Orchestra released a new contract proposal for musicians aimed at resolving the yearlong lockout. Musicians criticized management for making the offer in public rather than working through independent mediator George Mitchell. (09/27/2013)
The Minnesota Orchestra's performance season is again in jeopardy and this weekend may be the point of no return. A three-year contract offer management released Thursday was immediately criticized by the musicians. (09/27/2013)
With a Monday deadline looming to prevent the departure of conductor Osmo Vänskä, Minnesota Orchestra management today revealed details of its latest contract offer to locked-out musicians. (09/26/2013)
The three-year deal would cut musicians salaries from an average of $135,000 a year under the old contract to $104,500. Each musician would also receive a $20,000 signing bonus, management said. (09/26/2013)
About 250 protesters rallied Friday evening outside the Symphony Ball at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. The annual event is the Minnesota Orchestra's largest fundraiser, and people today called on attendees to join them in opposing the almost year-long musicians lockout. (09/20/2013)
If movie going is part of your weekend plans, you now have some good leads, thanks to the Cube Critics, Stephanie Curtis the Movie Maven and arts reporter Euan Kerr. (09/20/2013)
Speaking on Thursday, Governor Mark Dayton and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak demanded the two sides in the almost year-long Minnesota Orchestra lockout set aside their personal differences and get back to the negotiating table. (09/20/2013)
If you have ever looked at the "Spoonbridge and Cherry" sculpture and wondered what it's about, you might now get an answer. The Walker Art Center this weekend opens a show of the early work of the artist who gave Minneapolis one of its landmarks. (09/20/2013)