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A citizens group pressing for a resolution in the contract dispute between management and musicians of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra delivered a 3,000-signature petition to the orchestra board on Tuesday. (01/08/2013)
This week, the cubeside banter centers on a 1960s-era film from the creator of the Sopranos about rock and roll dreams that go unfulfilled, and Quentin Tarentino's latest revenge fantasy. (01/04/2013)
It may be the case that little news is good news in the contract negotiations at both of the Twin Cities major orchestras. (01/02/2013)
Later today representatives of locked out musicians at the Minnesota Orchestra and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra will sit down with representatives of their respective managements to negotiate. (01/02/2013)
2012 will go down as a year of orchestral turmoil in the U.S.: Strikes, lockouts and bankruptcies erupted time and again as once seemingly untouchable institutions struggled financially. (01/01/2013)
The Korean-American novelist Don Lee's latest book "The Collective" uses Macalester College in St. Paul as a launching point for a tale about the Asian-American experience. Lee said of his four books so far, "The Collective" is his most personal. (12/31/2012)
Not to be outdone in the annual media ritual of compiling a "best of the year" list, arts reporter Euan Kerr and Movie Maven Stephanie Curtis pick their favorite films of 2012. (12/28/2012)
Locked-out musicians and managements of both the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra have announced negotiation sessions for Jan. 2. (12/27/2012)
With musician lockouts at the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra entering their fourth months, many observers are wondering how they will be resolved. Several theories are circulating about what some are calling the end game. (12/26/2012)
Management at the Minnesota Orchestra on Friday cancelled all concerts through Feb. 10, but also offered locked-out musicians dates to talk without pre-conditions. (12/21/2012)
It should be an action-filled weekend for films, with a blockbuster musical that's been adapted into a blockbuster movie, a love story involving a marine animal trainer and a street fighter, and the latest Judd Apatow flick about life at 40. (12/21/2012)
The locked out musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra will perform two sold-out shows this weekend at the Ted Mann Concert Hall in Minneapolis. (12/14/2012)
MPR's Euan Kerr and Stephanie Curtis review "The Hobbit" and "Hyde Park on Hudson" during this week's edition of the Cube Critics. (12/14/2012)
It is up to Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra management to make the next move in the contract dispute, said the locked out musicians on Tuesday. (12/11/2012)
The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Board Chair Dobby Gibson cited a budget deficit as confirmation that the orchestra needs to make substantial long-term cuts in order to remain a viable institution. (12/10/2012)