Euan Kerr Feature Archive

Under the terms of a three-year contract, the musicians will have to take a 15 percent pay cut in the first year. But the musicians said the orchestra will remain in the nation's top 10 in terms of pay. (01/15/2014)
After almost collapsing a little more than a year ago, Penumbra Theater in St. Paul, the nation's largest African-American theater, has announced a leadership transition. The biggest change: Sarah Bellamy will take over from her father Lou, who founded the company almost 40 years ago. (01/14/2014)
Ozeki's "A Tale for the Time Being" effortlessly weaves together issues of family and tradition, of bullying and suicide, of time and quantum physics. (01/13/2014)
Can a story about a man falling in love with an operating system be touching? Yes, it can, director Spike Jonze proves with "Her." (01/10/2014)
Minnesota Opera's Project Opera hopes to create the opera singers -- and opera fans -- of tomorrow. (01/07/2014)
Stephanie and Euan are pretty excited about the coming year in film, even though it's been labeled "the year of the sequel." (01/03/2014)
Save Our Symphony Minnesota is calling on the City of Minneapolis to assume control of the Orchestra Hall - and the Orchestra's multi-million dollar endowment. (01/02/2014)
The Cube Critics pick their favorite movie of the year. (12/27/2013)
If you're a Minnesota Orchestra lover needing a little holiday hope, here's some: Struggling orchestras elsewhere in the country are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Even in Detroit. (12/26/2013)
Is it possible to review four movies in a four minutes? Not a problem for the Cube Critics. (12/20/2013)
With the help of T Bone Burnett, Carey Mulligan learned how to be an earnest folk singer for the Coen Brothers' new film. (12/19/2013)
"The Hobbit," originally intended as a children's-level addition to the "Lord of the Rings" series, just doesn't have enough in its 150 pages to warrant nine hours of screen time over three movies. (12/13/2013)
The locked out musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra announced details of a 10-concert spring season. The musicians hinted at some of the upcoming concerts at their community meeting Monday, but have now announced dates, programs, and ticket details. (12/12/2013)
The $1.1 million figure is lower than many people expected in a fiscal year where the Minnesota Orchestra presented no official concerts. (12/11/2013)
Citing poor leadership, 10 state legislators in a letter Tuesday called for the resignation of Minnesota Orchestra President and CEO Michael Henson and two members of the orchestra's board of directors, as well as an immediate end to the musicians lock out. (12/10/2013)