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Around 100 people protested outside a fundraiser in Minneapolis tonight calling for an end to the Minnesota Orchestra lockout. The fundraiser brought in $200,000 for musicians' salaries after the 11-month dispute is settled. (09/06/2013)
MPR News' The Cube Critics Stephanie Curtis and Euan Kerr discuss "Afternoon Delight" and other films to fight off summertime blues and cinema 'dreck.' (09/06/2013)
Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra gathered Thursday outside the newly renovated, but unopened, Orchestra Hall, to announce they had unanimously rejected management's latest proposal. MPR News' Euan Kerr has the story. (09/06/2013)
The management proposal was for two months of negotiations with musicians paid under their old contract, followed by the imposition of a two year contract including a 25 percent pay cut if no agreement was reached. (09/05/2013)
This week, Stephanie Curtis finds "Austenland" to be a romantic comedy that's slightly above adequate, while Euan Kerr revels in the beauty of martial arts film "The Grandmaster." (08/30/2013)
The offer is for a two month 'play and talk' period beginning Sept. 30 using the provisions of the contract which lapsed last year. (08/30/2013)
Stephanie Curtis likes the movie "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" more than the title, and Euan Kerr ends up celebrating "World's End." (08/23/2013)
Some 600 people gathered in downtown Minneapolis Tuesday night to discuss possible solutions to resolve the ongoing Minnesota Orchestra lockout. (08/21/2013)
Concerned that an ongoing lockout of musicians by the Minnesota Orchestra has left the orchestra unprepared, the Swedish recording company BIS has postponed a planned September session, orchestra officials confirmed today. (08/19/2013)
The Minnesota Orchestra rejected a proposal to enter mediation with the musicians' union after its members accepted it. (08/16/2013)
Minnesota Public Radio's Euan Kerr discusses Ashton Kutcher's shallow portrayal of Apple computer founder Steve Jobs in "Jobs" during this week's Cube Critics. (08/16/2013)
Movies about teenagers are a staple of mall megaplexes, particularly during the summer. But the vast majority of them rarely depict the realities of teen life, director James Ponsoldt argues. (08/15/2013)
Minnesota Public Radio's Euan Kerr and Stephanie Curtis discuss Neil Blomkamp's sensibilities, big stars and the multicultural cast in "Elysium" during this week's Cube Critics. (08/09/2013)
When many people think of comic-book heroes, they likely picture a pantheon of ultra-muscled superheroes. But some hard core fans of the comics prefer "Love and Rockets," which portrays real people and is considered by some to be the pinnacle of the art form. (08/07/2013)
Minnesota Public Radio's Euan Kerr discusses gang affiliation, fatherhood issues and gender inequities in "The Smurfs 2" during this week's Cube Critics. (08/02/2013)