Martin Kaste Feature Archive

Opposes feedlot moratoriums until further scientific proof is provided; Private sector to provide re-development solutions. (09/11/1998)
Remove redundancy within local state environmental agencies; Control urban sprawl. (09/11/1998)
Standardize the permitting process for concealed weapons; strengthen the State Gang Task Force. (09/01/1998)
Create a position to oversee state anti-crime programs; view crime as a public health problem. (09/01/1998)
Provide business with incentives to increase growth; treat professional sports like any other business. (08/26/1998)
Provide free college tuition for students with a B average; <font size="-1"></font>ultivate relationships with existing businesses in Minnesota. (08/26/1998)
The Voters' Voice finds farmers feeling neglected by a majority of gubernatorial candidates during this difficult harvest. (08/21/1998)
Use tobacco settlement to reduce MinnesotaCare tax; encourage greater competition within the HMO industry. (08/20/1998)
Pay for part of the elderly's prescription costs; better public awareness of MinnesotaCare. (08/20/1998)
Tax credits rather than new programs; welfare as a short-term solution. (08/10/1998)
$15 million for training workers on the verge of welfare; provide incentives for becoming self-sufficient. (08/10/1998)
Remove unreasonable tax burdens; take hard line with public employees to reduce spending. (08/04/1998)
Reduce the half-cent addition to sales tax; use state employee attrition to cut expenses. (08/03/1998)
Tax breaks to aid school expenses for parents; merit pay for superior teachers. (07/30/1998)
Higher expectations of students; more state financing of higher education. (07/28/1998)