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Minneapolis' waterfront could be the site of a whitewater rafting and kayaking park in a few years. Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources has published a study that says the Mississippi River through downtown Minneapolis is a suitable spot for the whitewater course. (09/22/1999)
The traditional last long weekend of the summer brought a throng of visitors to outdoor recreation areas. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness was no exception, despite a severe storm July 4th that downed millions of trees over more than 300,000 acres. But the area is already showing signs of recovery. (09/07/1999)
An MPR poll shows Senator Rod Grams may be in trouble in his bid for re-election. The results could cause several Democrats to jump off the fence and into the race. (07/16/1999)
Governor Ventura will be a guest referee at a Target Center match in August and donate $100,000 fee to two charities. He could make $2 million. (07/14/1999)
Minneapolis isn't rolling over when it comes to pushing a new stadium plan, even though the Minnesota Twins have pledged to work only with St. Paul. (07/12/1999)
The Twins commit to St. Paul's push for a baseball stadium; abandoning Minneapolis - for now. (07/02/1999)
The Minneapolis City Council begrudgingly approves a resolution that may lead to a new stadium for the Twins. (06/25/1999)
Norm Coleman's stadium gambit puts Minneapolis officials right where he wants them. (06/11/1999)
After a year, researchers have only about one-third of the participants they need to test an AIDS vaccine. (05/20/1999)