Art Hughes Feature Archive

With pay or without, one determined woman is intent on seeing the young people around her succeed. (12/22/2006)
The largest Latino newspaper in Minnesota is treading carefully around the story of the immigration and identity theft arrests at Swift meatpacking plants in Worthington and elsewhere. (12/14/2006)
The immigration raid this week in Worthington, Minnesota hasn't stopped the vendors of fake documents. (12/13/2006)
If the P.S. Minnesota proposal is put into play, it would mean spending another $1 billion or more for schools. (12/01/2006)
University of Minnesota head basketball coach Dan Monson stepped down Thursday after a disappointing start to his eighth season with the Gophers. Monson cited his own inability to spark success on the court. His resignation comes after the Gophers lost their last five games. (11/30/2006)
Minnesotans in a Citizens League survey have a clear idea of the issues they face. Finding agreeable solutions is the next challenge. (11/28/2006)
Minneapolis school board member-elect Chris Stewart says the uproar is helping open up the painful discussion of race in education. (11/20/2006)
A new survey from the U.S. Census Bureau shows a sharp decline in the indicators of well being for immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa (11/14/2006)
Students who violate the code could have their degree withheld or revoked. (11/10/2006)
Flush with their new majority in the House, DFLers say they will reach out early to Republican collegues and Gov. Tim Pawlenty to try and ensure a productive legislative session. (11/08/2006)
The race for Minneapolis school board takes place against the backdrop of recent miss-steps over the hiring, then removal, of a controversial superintendent and the abrupt decision to close more than a dozen schools. (11/02/2006)
Nearly 93 percent of the state's residents over age 25 have high school diplomas. (10/26/2006)
The University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Universities and Colleges system seek incremental improvement from state funders. (10/20/2006)
Minnesota claimed the top spot in the nation for homeownership in 2005. But information released by the U.S. Census bureau also shows residents are sacrificing more of their incomes to pay housing costs. (10/03/2006)
University of Minnesota officials gathered at the site of the new on campus football stadium on Saturday for a ceremonial groundbreaking. (09/30/2006)