Art Hughes Feature Archive

Step increases are automatic raises for union workers, and are common in the public sector. The university wants to negotiate them, while the union doesn't. (09/14/2007)
Some tenured professors are holding classes off-campus to avoid crossing picket lines. Many sympathetic teaching assistants and other less established instructors, however, worry about repercussions from administrators or department leaders. (09/12/2007)
About 100 demonstrators interrupted the Board of Regents meeting at the University of Minnesota Friday morning, saying they were there to support striking U of M union workers. (09/07/2007)
Union leaders claim significant disruptions in work operations as positions went vacant. University officials maintain the affect of the strike is minimal. (09/05/2007)
The I-35W bridge collapse means U of M students, staff and other commuters could face traffic bottle-necks when fall classes resume Sept. 4. (08/30/2007)
Hennepin County officials have identified the fifth victim of the I-35W bridge collapse. He is Paul Eicksadt of Mounds View, whose semi trailer truck was crushed by the falling bridge. Searchers continue to look for other victims in the murky river. (08/03/2007)
A few facts about the Interstate 35W bridge that collapsed in downtown Minneapolis Wednesday. (08/02/2007)
Test results designed to measure progress on federal No Child Left Behind goals showed little movement for Minnesota students, and even lost ground in reading. (07/29/2007)
After nearly two years of deployment in Iraq, and a week of demobilization in Wisconsin, hundreds of Minnesota National Guard soldiers are returning home to the state this week. Reunions are occurring all across the state as families, friends and loved ones of soldiers gather at armories around the region. (07/16/2007)
The University of Minnesota's new on-campus football stadium is one step closer to completion. (07/11/2007)
Minneapolis is the host this weekend for the national championships in underwater hockey. Competition involves swimmers moving a heavy puck along the bottom of the pool using a short stick, and as much air as their lungs can hold. (07/06/2007)
In testimony on Tuesday, Par Ridder acknowledged taking 18 to 20 spreadsheets containing sensitive data on advertising, finances and personnel when he was hired in March. But he said he intended to use them only to re-create the forms with Star Tribune data. (06/26/2007)
Charles W. Lindberg, one of the U.S. Marines who raised the first American flag over Iwo Jima during World War II, has died. He was 86. (06/25/2007)
Wisconsin and Minnesota officials have avoided a looming showdown over a disputed tuition reciprocity agreement. Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced a tentative agreement Friday that aims to resolve differences between what Wisconsin and Minnesota students pay to attend Minnesota schools. (06/22/2007)
Minnesota State College and Universities trustees on Wednesday resisted pressure by student groups to further reduce tuition increases next year. (06/20/2007)