Art Hughes Feature Archive

College tuition for high school students costs nothing, unless you count what it takes away from high schools. (01/23/2008)
A new University of Minnesota study links consuming fast foods, even diet soda, to a medical condition that can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. (01/22/2008)
The state health department will hear from the public today about a proposed psychiatric hospital in Woodbury, Minn. (01/22/2008)
Recent high-profile tragedies involving alcohol are sparking renewed interest in state legislation to limit cheap drink specials at bars and also change state law to allow colleges to notify parents about alcohol violations. (01/16/2008)
All of the high-profile alcohol-related deaths in the last few months have involved college students, or young people preparing to return to college. Colleges have long struggled with the problem of heavy drinking by students and so far, have had little success combating it. (01/11/2008)
With more snow on the ground this December than parts of Minnesota have seen in years, area resorts and hospitality businesses are optimistic about a healthy winter recreation season. (12/26/2007)
The University of Minnesota has selected a Cornell faculty member and administrator as the new dean of the law school. David Wippman, who was born in St. Louis Park, is also a former Clinton administration official. (12/17/2007)
The University of Minnesota says more students are graduating from its Twin Cities campus within four years. (12/13/2007)
The Minneapolis school board receives praise for a short but meaningful list of reforms. (12/12/2007)
Minnesota's newest Nobel Laureate received his award Monday at a public gathering at the University of Minnesota. (12/10/2007)
Some of the best researchers in early childhood development are in Minneapolis this weekend for a conference at the Federal Reserve Bank. (12/07/2007)
Students at the U of M have received more e-mail crime alerts from school officials this fall than last year. While crime rates aren't up significantly, the alerts can create that perception. (11/30/2007)
A traffic accident that killed one student and injured another from Minnesota State University Mankato over the weekend has brought more grief to a campus which has already seen two other students die this fall. (11/19/2007)
The stadium memorial consists of a 72-foot-long wall at the entrance and a stage where veterans groups can hold ceremonies and other events. (11/14/2007)
The Edina-based company will have a clubroom named the "DQ Stadium Club" at the 50,000-seat, $288 million TCF Bank Stadium. (11/13/2007)