Art Hughes Feature Archive

The Minneapolis school district has hired a lawyer to look into allegations that superintendent Thandiwe Peebles used district employees to do her personal business. (08/18/2005)
Teens with a flair for design camp out at the University of Minnesota building robots, water-toting machines and unique textiles. (08/04/2005)
Incoming college freshmen are required to go through summer orientation. For many students and their parents, it's an eye-opener to the adventure ahead. (08/03/2005)
The two largest unions representing state workers reached tentative contract agreements early Friday morning. All sides praise the deals. The came after two years of flat employee wages and a contentious partial state government shutdown earlier this month. (07/29/2005)
In an effort to curb illegal music and video downloading, the University of Minnesota is signing with a Virginia-based online company to provide students with songs and movies. The Ruckus network is the second online media source the U of M is working with. Ruckus aims its discounted download network specifically at the college student market. (07/27/2005)
A last-minute decision by the MnSCU Board of Trustees to cap tuition increases will require 20 schools to rethink budgets for the coming year. (07/21/2005)
Word that the National Hockey League and the players' union reached a tentative agreement today is welcome news to the Minnesota Wild and many St. Paul business leaders. If ratified by both sides, the six-year agreement would ensure the start of a regular hockey season this fall. The dispute resulted in a 300-day lockout that wiped out the entire 2004-2005 season. The team and businesses say they're hoping fans return. (07/13/2005)
Minnesota's public school officials are expressing relief following the early-morning agreement of the state's K-12 education financing bill. The legislation provides the first increase in school funding in three years. Up to $800 million in new education spending will be available, but some of that is contingent on districts getting approval from their local voters. School district officials praise the return of a positive cash flow. But the action comes more than a week past the deadline for schools to finish their own budgets. Some districts that braced for the worst by laying off teachers are now working toward bringing them back. Minnesota Public Radio's Art Hughes reports. (07/11/2005)
Minnesota authorities tightened security at transit points Thursday following the bombings in London. Public safety officials are urging extra vigilance, while also reassuring residents that no specific threats exist for the state or the rest of the country. (07/07/2005)
State workers out of a job because of the shutdown are dealing with varying degrees of uncertainty. Some of have enough vacation time and savings to get by, while others don't. But most state employees are frustrated the budget impasse had to come to this. (07/06/2005)
It's been 10 years since the merger that formed the Minnesota State College and Universities system. (07/01/2005)
What are our kids doing tonight? A report out Thursday indicates many school-age children don't take advantage of positive, structured activities during off-school hours. (06/02/2005)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed the $2.8 billion higher education funding bill in Rochester Thursday. The state's college and university leaders say the recent session was much better for higher ed than past efforts. But students and others say the progress isn't enough. (05/26/2005)
Ethnic Oromos are building a thriving community in Minnesota. But they remain at odds with their fellow Ethiopian countrymen over human rights abuses in their homeland. (05/18/2005)
Soloman Gashaw is 56 years old. He was born in the Harrar region of Ethiopia, and grew up in the Oromia region. (05/15/2005)