Art Hughes Feature Archive

U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona told graduates of the U of M School of Public Health, disease prevention is the best weapon against a growing health burden. (05/16/2006)
Ramsey County developed a model program to help people before the reach their five-year welfare limit. But the program didn't last. (05/04/2006)
Kofi Annan touts progress of UN to his alma mater, Macalester College. (04/22/2006)
In 1969, a group of African American students occupied a University of Minnesota building, demanding the school improve attitudes toward minorities. The 24-hour takeover helped change the shape of the U of M. This weekend the original Morrill Hall protesters are back for a conference to mark the event. (04/21/2006)
Excitement is building among Minnesota's Tibetan population for a visit from the Dalai Lama on Sunday. The Dalai Lama is the political leader for the Tibetan government in exile, now based in India. (04/14/2006)
Rising college tuition in recent years has significantly increased the amount of debt students take on, especially for students in specialized disciplines like law school. A nonprofit program in Minnesota hopes to offset law school loan payments for graduates who specifically serve low-income clients. (04/06/2006)
Minneapolis police have two people behind bars and are searching for three others in connection with last month's fatal shooting in the Uptown neighborhood. (04/04/2006)
Seven months after Hurricane Katrina shredded the Gulf Coast and drowned the city of New Orleans, Carleton College in Northfield hopes to find a way to keep the public's attention trained on the disaster. Carleton cancelled classes Friday to devote time to reliving, discussing and studying Katrina. (03/31/2006)
University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks and top U of M athletics leaders told members of the Senate Higher Education Budget Committee this legislative session offers the best chance for a new Gopher football stadium. The latest stadium proposal passed out of committee. (03/28/2006)
A proposed deal is gaining steam to sell off a prime piece of Dakota County property owned by the University of Minnesota to partially finance an on-campus football stadium. Key legislative committees will discuss the idea this week. (03/27/2006)
The plan by the McClatchy Co. to sell the St. Paul Pioneer Press comes at time when jobs in print journalism are in decline. (03/24/2006)
University of St. Thomas faculty and administration are clashing on a policy prohibiting unmarried and same-sex partners from sharing rooms when traveling with students. (03/14/2006)
The ground workers union at Northwest Airlines has delivered a split vote on the company's contract proposal. The union's clerical and customer service workers voted in favor of the bankrupt airline's cost-cutting proposal. But baggage handlers and stock clerks rejected the contract. (03/07/2006)
The University of Minnesota is going to the Legislature with a plan to dedicate $330 million of state bonding money over the next 10 years for academic biomedical research. University President Robert Bruininks publicly unveiled the plan in his State of the University address Thursday. (03/02/2006)
Ten years ago this month, renowned University of Minnesota transplant surgeon Dr. John Najarian walked free of a barrage of federal charges which had cast a cloud over the U of M medical school. Now, the medical school continues to make slow and steady progress towards restoring its reputation. (02/28/2006)