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Northwest Airlines' decision to file for bankruptcy last week came earlier than many observers expected, because it was still negotiating with its unions. So why did Northwest declare bankruptcy when it did? (09/22/2005)
By next fall, the name Marshall Field's, as well as its trademark color green, will be gone from the retail landscape. Federated Department Stores, which bought Marshall Field's as part of a larger transaction earlier this year, is changing all the stores to the Macy's brand. (09/20/2005)
Eagan-based Northwest Airlines may not be the biggest company in Minnesota. But the bankrupt airline is one of the most important companies, because of its high-paying jobs and because it provides a service that greases the wheels of commerce. Here's a look at what's at stake for the Minnesota economy in a Northwest bankruptcy. (09/16/2005)
Northwest's bankruptcy filing left a long list of businesses to which the company owes money. Many of them are banks, insurance companies, and other major investors around the country. Many others are companies who did business with Northwest, some in Minnesota. (09/15/2005)
Northwest Airlines' stocked plunged dramatically on Tuesday when the New York Times reported the airline is on the verge of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. The report comes as the airline hires permanent replacements for striking mechanics. (09/13/2005)
Northwest Airlines will begin hiring permanent replacements for more than 2,500 striking mechanics on Tuesday. The mechanics' situation seems more tenuous than ever. (09/12/2005)
Negotiators for Northwest Airlines and its mechanics union are discussing a Northwest proposal that many union members say they could never accept. With little communication from inside the negotiations, many mechanics wonder why the negotiators are still talking. (09/09/2005)
Negotiators for Northwest Airlines and its striking mechanics union face each other again Friday at a Minneapolis hotel. Contract talks resumed Thursday, with a new offer on the table. (09/09/2005)
Northwest Airlines and its mechanics union will resume contract talks Thursday, for the first time since the union walked out almost three weeks ago. Northwest is warning, though, that a tougher financial situation means its negotiating position will be even more harsh than when talks broke off last month. (09/07/2005)
In the third week of a strike by mechanics at Northwest Airlines, the airline has largely maintained its schedule. But while Northwest says operations have returned to normal, the airline's on-time performance appears to lag the rest of the industry. (09/06/2005)
Northwest Airlines Corp. says spiking fuel prices are pushing it closer to bankruptcy. Company pilots said they would negotiate a new round of pay cuts. (09/01/2005)
Northwest is currently negotiating with unions representing flight attendants and groundworkers. The company is also trying to get pilots back to the table for the largest cuts of all. (08/29/2005)
How long it could the Northwest strike last? Can Northwest simply leave the striking union behind. (08/24/2005)
Using a sample of almost 180 flights, an analysis by Minnesota Public Radio has found 58 percent of Northwest Airlines flights did not arrive on time on the first business day of its mechanics strike. (08/23/2005)
There were some wary passengers but few reported problems Monday at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, on the third day of the Northwest mechanics strike. The airline and the union disagree over how much travel has been impacted by the strike. (08/22/2005)