Jeff Horwich Feature Archive

Some public officials seem torn between planning a future without the plant, and hoping Ford might reconsider. (04/14/2006)
Ford Motor Co. has confirmed its plans to close its assembly plant in St. Paul in 2008. Officials from the United Auto Workers first announced the news was coming earlier in the day. (04/13/2006)
Two Twin Cities real estate companies are in a legal fight with implications for the future of advertising on the Internet. Edina Realty is suing relative newcomer for trademark infringement and unfair competition. The dispute is over how the newer company uses an increasingly important advertising medium: Internet search engines. (04/04/2006)
The deadline has arrived for prospective buyers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Duluth News Tribune, and Grand Forks Herald to submit their bids. These are among 12 newspapers put on the market after the sale of Knight Ridder, the nation's second-largest newspaper company. (03/28/2006)
Minnesota officials are trying to convince Ford Motor Company that the automaker's St. Paul plant and its nearly 2,000 jobs are worth keeping. The plant is still a possible target for closure -- perhaps by the end of the year. Ford has suggested that if Minnesota wants to save its local plant, it might find the answer some five-thousand miles away. (03/20/2006)
The McClatchy Co., owner of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, announced Monday it will purchase the nation's second-largest newspaper company, Knight Ridder. Knight Ridder owns 32 daily papers around the country, including the St. Paul Pioneer Press -- which it plans to sell off. (03/13/2006)
McClatchy Company, which owns the Minneapolis Star Tribune, is reportedly the top bidder for the parent company of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. (03/10/2006)
The content of spam in the nation's e-mail inboxes goes through phases and fluctuations. In recent months, solicitations for pornography and pills have gotten competition from pitches that are equally annoying and potentially disastrous to anyone who takes the bait: stock-hyping spam. (03/05/2006)
The possibility of a pilots strike at Northwest Airlines is on hold, with news that pilots and the airline reached a tentative deal late Friday morning. Northwest has now tentatively achieved the labor cost savings it sought from all of its employee groups. (03/03/2006)
Ford plans to announce shutdowns at two more U.S. assembly plants by the end of the year. While developers envision various futures for the Ford site in St. Paul, state officials remain focused on just one: making cars. (03/01/2006)
When the '90s tech bubble burst, the decline in stock prices brought on a decline in ritzy workplace perks as well. Turning a profit suddenly became more trendy than over-the-top incentives like free cars, or office distractions like pinball machines. Some companies do still offer generous workplace extras. But experts say companies have been thinking more strategically about how to deliver perks on a budget. (02/13/2006)
A bankruptcy judge wants the airline and its unions to reach a contract deal before soon. But the pilots union leaders said the rank and file will be voting on whether to authorize a strike. (02/03/2006)
The bidding war for medical device maker Guidant looks to be over, with Boston Scientific winning over rival Johnson & Johnson. While both companies are based outside of Minnesota, their most critical divisions are in the Twin Cities. (01/25/2006)
The Ford plant in St. Paul will remain open, at least for now. The Ford Motor Company Monday named five U.S. manufacturing plants it plans to close in the next two years. St. Paul's Ford Ranger plant, which employs nearly 2,000 workers, was not on the list. (01/23/2006)
Northwest Airlines' employees are preparing for more wage and job cuts, as the airline prepares to ask a bankruptcy judge to allow it to impose cuts on its unions. Against this backdrop, some of the airline's Twin Cities employees are banding together to prepare to make it without jobs at Northwest. (01/13/2006)