Jeff Horwich Feature Archive

A last-minute deal between Northwest Airlines and its flight attendants union means no strike for now -- and perhaps the end of the carrier's long drive to cut labor costs. (07/17/2006)
These are challenging times for newspapers, with ad revenues on the decline. Minnesota's largest paper, the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, is looking at the potential for more advertising on its Web site. The paper is testing the bounds of what advertisers can do online -- and what readers will accept. (07/09/2006)
Flight attendants at Northwest Airlines are switching unions at a critical moment in negotiations with the company. If flight attendants do not agree on a new cost-cutting contract within 10 days, Northwest can impose pay and benefit cuts on them. The Association of Flight Attendants won its election at Northwest by promising a strong and savvy approach to negotiations. (07/06/2006)
As June comes to a close, we enter the season of camp -- a time for kids to have fun, make new friends, and maybe learn some new skills. A group of adults gathering at a summer camp in Northfield this weekend has similar plans, though their ultimate aim is a little different. (06/30/2006)
Flight attendants at Northwest have been given two weeks to negotiate a cost-cutting contract, or the airline can impose one. A strike remains a possibility. (06/29/2006)
For an inventor, an artist, or anyone doing creative work, there may be few things more difficult than seeing your vision -- or something close to it -- succeed in the hands of someone else. So for one Twin Cities cartoonist, this has been a rough few weeks. (06/08/2006)
Northwest is now asking the judge overseeing its bankruptcy for permission to impose its own terms on the flight attendants. The union says it will strike if that happens. (06/06/2006)
In Minnesota, summer is the season of roof work. But a glance at the crews overhead this time of year makes it clear most people doing that work are not from Minnesota. The residential roofing industry around the country now relies on low-priced labor by Mexican immigrants. Industry insiders say the roofing business would collapse without this migrant work force -- which includes immigrants who are in the U.S. legally and illegally. (06/04/2006)
Minnetonka-based UnitedHealth Group is facing mounting scrutiny from regulators and investors. Since a newspaper raised questions in March about executive stock options, the health insurance and information company has drawn the attention of federal tax, securities and justice officials, large pension funds, and class action lawyers. (05/26/2006)
The judge in the bankruptcy case of Mesaba Airlines did something Thursday that does not happen often in U.S. bankruptcy courts. He ruled in favor of the airline's unions, denying Mesaba the right to impose pay and benefit cuts on its workers. (05/18/2006)
The shareholders of UnitedHealth Group Inc. overwhelmingly re-elected four members of the board of directors on Tuesday despite the opposition of a few large shareholders. (05/02/2006)
Some shareholders of UnitedHealth Group are upset about the large compensation package of CEO Bill McGuire amid a review by securities regulators. The controversy has stoked wider concerns about just who pays the bill when a health insurance CEO is among highest-paid people in the nation. (05/02/2006)
McClatchy is selling off 12 Knight Ridder papers, including the four that are part of this deal. While the buyer has emerged, MediaNews Group's plans for the St. Paul Pioneer Press remain a mystery. (04/26/2006)
MediaNews Group Inc. has offered to buy the St. Paul Pioneer Press and three Knight Ridder Inc. newspapers in California for as much as $1 billion, according to a published report Thursday. (04/20/2006)
Many middle class families find themselves squeezed and feeling financially insecure. Minnesota Public Radio set out to profile some working Minnesotans whose financial circumstances are crimping their confidence in the future. (04/19/2006)