Jeff Horwich Feature Archive

We're all familiar with the benefits of Christmas lights: holiday cheer, and friendly neighborhood competition. But there's another side of the equation: the cost of our holiday lighting obsession. (12/22/2006)
Literally overnight, Republicans and Democrats went from years of name-calling and fear-mongering to a kind of political campfire sing-along. The camp counselors leading the chorus are President Bush and new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. (11/16/2006)
The voices on campaign ads can make even Santa Claus sound evil. Just ask Gary Groomes and Susan Fuller. They're the voices. (10/20/2006)
Theory: our politicians can behave an awful lot like seventh graders. Fact: Seventh grade is a great place to break into politics. (10/19/2006)
We visited with some students on the east side of St. Paul. to hear what they had to say about how crime affects them. (09/21/2006)
Crime impacts people in different ways -- whether you're a victim, a resident in a crime-ridden neighborhood, a friend or relative of a victim -- or a perpetrator. (09/21/2006)
Even when you aren't the victim of crime, it can hit you in the gut and make you wonder about the place you call home. (09/21/2006)
In September 2004, with the economy reported to be on an upswing, Minnesota Public Radio asked a question: "Whose recovery is it?" We took a journey across the economic recovery, with stops ranging from a money manager for millionaires to the panhandler at a freeway off-ramp. Now two years later, we've gone back to four of these people to find out how their lives have changed. (09/05/2006)
There will be no strike at Northwest Airlines, at least for now A federal judge has temporarily blocked any job actions by the airline's flight attendants. The judge says he needs more time to consider the legal issues in the precedent-setting case. (08/25/2006)
The situation between Northwest Airlines and its flight attendants comes to a head Friday. At noon a federal judge takes up an appeal by the airline, which wants to block a threatened strike by the flight attendants. The judge faces a deadline of 9:01 p.m., when the flight attendants could begin walkouts. (08/25/2006)
Northwest Airlines says it has appealed a bankruptcy court decision allowing flight attendants to go on strike. Bankruptcy experts say Northwest has an uphill battle in its appeal, and the most likely way out of a strike will be intense negotiations. (08/18/2006)
Flight attendants for Northwest Airlines won a major victory Thursday from the judge overseeing the company's bankruptcy. Judge Allan Gropper ruled he does not have the authority to block a threatened strike. Some observers say this ruling could finally force a successful compromise. (08/17/2006)
News of new terror plots against U.S. airlines could mean rough times ahead for the financially troubled airline industry. Even a modest drop in business could mean major trouble for Eagan-based Northwest Airlines, which is trying to emerge from bankruptcy. (08/10/2006)
Northwest Airlines flight attendants have set the clock ticking toward a possible strike, one day after union members rejected a negotiated package of pay and benefit cuts. The union says on Aug. 15 its members will begin a strategy of intermittent work stoppages, called CHAOS, designed to confuse airline management, and lead travelers to book elsewhere. (08/01/2006)
Flight attendants at Northwest Airlines have rejected the latest attempt at a cost-cutting contract with the bankrupt company. The vote escalates the standoff between the two sides, with the airline planning to impose pay cuts, and the flight attendants planning to strike. (07/31/2006)