Jeff Horwich Feature Archive

A tune for the man of the week. Turned into kind of a gospel-y thing. Catchy, eh? (03/05/2010)
An In the Loop Newstune about Obama's U.S. budget. (02/04/2010)
Steve Jobs, meet Roy Orbison. (02/01/2010)
MPR's "In The Loop" podcast offers its satirical take on what might have happened in the NWA flight 188 cockpit. (10/23/2009)
Twin Cities-based FOX 9 News says it was only considering producing a story on child abduction which would involve a TV crew in a van stopping children and asking for directions. Jeff Horwich follows up on the story on The Loophole blog. (04/22/2009)
Minnesota Public Radio assembled a dozen Republican delegates and volunteers from around the nation and asked them to get beyond the canned answers and speeches to tell us why they hold their political allegiances. (09/04/2008)