Jeff Horwich Feature Archive

Federated Department Stores Inc. is buying rival May Department Stores Co. for $11 billion in cash and stock, in a deal that would create a powerhouse better able to compete against discount giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc. at one end of the retailing spectrum, and specialty stores at the higher end. The deal includes 62 Marshall Field's stores. (02/28/2005)
The National Hockey League has cancelled the season because of a contract dispute. The lockout is painful for some St. Paul businesses. For the regional economy, though, the impact of losing pro hockey is less clear. (02/16/2005)
A panel of business, academic and political leaders looked at Minnesota's biotech future Thursday. Instead of the enthusiasm often heard at such events, they said Minnesota faces challenges that are keeping the state from becoming a biotech leader. (02/10/2005)
Electronics giant Best Buy is about to try out a new concept on Twin Cities shoppers. Next week, the company opens a new store in Richfield called eq-life, which focuses on health and wellness in combination with technology. (01/28/2005)
U.S. State Department officials have temporarily halted the resettlement of Hmong refugees to the U.S., because they've found a handful of active cases of tuberculosis among newly-resettled Hmong refugees, including one in Minnesota. (01/28/2005)
UnitedHealth Group is -- quietly -- the second-largest company in Minnesota. Even though it's based in Minnesota, state law prevents UnitedHealth from selling its for-profit HMO here. But its stock is one of the country's top performers, and its CEO, William McGuire, is the state's highest-paid executive. (01/24/2005)
Gov. Pawlenty says borrowing to pay for highway projects is a common-sense, fiscally responsible idea. Is it? (01/17/2005)
State lawmakers turned a critical eye Tuesday on a major plan to expand Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Members of the Senate Transportation Committee heard from some who say the plan has moved too fast and too quietly. (01/12/2005)
Delta Airlines has set off what one analyst calls "the most dramatic round of airfare cuts in more than a decade." Eagan-based Northwest Airlines has criticized the move, but was among the first to cut fares too. (01/05/2005)
More than $2 million worth of computers and digital cameras are now in transit from Eagan to Bangkok, Thailand. The electronics will help identify the dead -- and perhaps reunite the living. (01/05/2005)
In the past year, the state of Minnesota has given massive tax holidays to more than a hundred businesses. It's not scandalous -- in fact, state and local officials are celebrating. (12/26/2004)
This month, food shelves around the Twin Cities find themselves short thousands of pounds of fruits, vegetables, and bread they had expected. Rainbow Foods, one of the state's largest grocery chains, abruptly stopped donating its leftover produce and day-old baked goods. (12/13/2004)
Twin Cities residents had a chance to vent to one of the nation's top broadcast regulators on Thursday night. Federal Communications Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein held a public forum at St. Paul's Hamline University. (12/09/2004)
When lawmakers convene in January to discuss the state budget, they will face a choice of deficits: Big, and bigger. Which one's right? (12/03/2004)
Earlier this month, pilots with Eagan-based Northwest Airlines approved a deal to save the carrier $300 million a year. The nation's fourth-largest airline needs to turn its books from red to black, as carriers around it slide toward bankruptcy. With the pilots in-hand, Northwest has brought specific proposals to a second major union -- its mechanics. But top union officials say with the offer Northwest put on the table, talks will go nowhere fast. (11/19/2004)