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For U.S. companies hoping to sell their products abroad, there are some basic do's and don'ts. International marketing is a delicate business. We look at one recent snafu, and one Minnesota success story. (05/16/2005)
Eagan-based Northwest Airlines today announced its first-quarter earnings -- or, rather, its lack of earnings. Northwest lost $440 million between January and March, nearly double its loss in the same period a year ago. (04/21/2005)
The Minneapolis City Council didn't spend much time putting the final stamp of approval on a measure to hand over the city's historic theaters. Once city staff drafts the final paperwork, the State, Orpheum and Pantages theaters will be run by a small local nonprofit and a team dominated by entertainment conglomerate Clear Channel Communications. (04/15/2005)
Mechanics for Northwest Airlines in the Twin Cities knew it was coming, but union officials say the news was still difficult to take: 600 of their jobs will be eliminated by the first week of July. This follows 140 layoffs announced in March, when Northwest also said many more job cuts were to come. (04/13/2005)
Lawmakers on the Senate Transportation Committee got a long-awaited chance Tuesday to question the CEO of Northwest Airlines. Doug Steenland agreed to appear after the committee took the highly unusual step of voting to subpoena him. Steenland's testimony covered airport expansion, job agreements with the state, and outsourced aircraft maintenance. But he did not come in for the grilling some had expected. (04/12/2005)
Residents of Minnesota and other Midwestern states became eligible in March for free annual credit reports under a new federal law. The legislation is taking effect in stages across the country. While getting your report may now be a snap, getting it in order may not be. (04/12/2005)
The Minneapolis City Council is one step away from handing off the city's three historic theaters: The State, the Pantages, and the Orpheum. On Tuesday, two committees reviewed a deal negotiated between city staff and a three-part team dominated by entertainment conglomerate Clear Channel. (04/06/2005)
Northwest is parking planes and expects little growth this year. As a result, the company expects to cut as many as 900 local mechanics jobs in 2005. Today the local mechanics union and an ally in the Legislature attacked the airline on two sensitive topics: the expansion of the Twin Cities airport, and the safety of airplane repairs. (03/18/2005)
The latest casualties of the faltering U.S. airline industry are 130 Northwest Airlines mechanics in the Twin Cities. By year's end, Northwest says 800 more mechanics jobs at the airport may be gone as well. (03/17/2005)
One day after the former CEO of WorldCom was convicted and regulators charged the former CEO of Qwest with fraud, business leaders and business students met in Minneapolis to talk corporate ethics. (03/16/2005)
Eagan-based Northwest and other carriers have lost a combined $30 billion in the past three years. Amid that sea of red ink, the airlines continue to face a small but stubborn trickle, brought on by the Internet age -- the black market trade in airline ticket vouchers. (03/10/2005)
It has been nearly two years since Minneapolis began a process to hand off the city's historic Orpheum, State, and Pantages theaters. In this second of a two-part report, we look at whether the future of the Hennepin theaters was decided by careful analysis, or by a process at City Hall that was something less than fair and open. (03/07/2005)
Key dates in the process. (03/07/2005)
Later this month, the Minneapolis city council decides the fate of its three historic theaters. The decision will likely commit the city to a decades-long relationship with the entertainment conglomerate Clear Channel. Have all the right questions been answered? Part one of a two-part investigation. (03/06/2005)
New numbers show the state economy lost 5,600 jobs between December and January. That doesn't bode well for the state budget forecast, released this week, which relies on the economy to add 44,000 new jobs this year. (03/01/2005)