Derek Montgomery

Derek Montgomery

Freelance photographer
Minnesota Public Radio

Derek Montgomery is a freelance photojournalist based in Duluth, Minn.

A former employee of the Duluth News Tribune, Montgomery moved to northern Minnesota in 2007 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in journalism and mass communications and political science.

Montgomery has worked on projects ranging from the immediate aftermath of the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka, to the infamous State Street Halloween riots in Madison, Wis. to the flooding in northern Minnesota in 2012.

Since acclimating to weeks, sometimes months, of continuous below-zero weather, he is just realizing that learning to ski, snowboard or skate is a necessity this far north. When not working, Montgomery enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, running and watching every movie under the sun.

He will do almost anything for cheese curds.

Derek Montgomery Feature Archive

Northern lights over Brighton Beach in Duluth
Starting Monday afternoon, June 22, 2015, and lasting well into Tuesday morning, a strong geomagnetic storm hit Earth and resulted in a dazzling display of northern lights that was visible much further south than average. (06/23/2015)
Essar Steel construction
Building the Iron Range's first new taconite operation in four decades is no small feat. (03/30/2015)
Northern lights
Photojournalist Derek Montgomery shares stunning photographs along with practical solutions for creating your own images. (03/23/2015)
Single digit temperatures, a chilly wind and fresh ice formations greeted visitors on March 5, 2015. Take a look. (03/06/2015)
The Kaye E. Barker sits in dry dock this winter, undergoing maintenance at Fraser Shipyards in Superior, Wis. (02/14/2015)
Mid-distance racers finished Monday. Ryan Anderson won the 319-mile race by crossing the finish at 2:53 a.m. north of Duluth on Wednesday. (01/26/2015)
Billed as America's largest free walk-through lighting display, Bentleyville is one big Christmas lights show in the Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth. (12/19/2014)
For her most recent book, "Plant a Pocket of Prairie," Betsy Bowen says she tried something new, layering woodcut prints of prairie grasses and adding free-hand painting. (11/26/2014)
The last week of September saw the hills around Lake Superior near Tofte and Lutsen explode into vibrant color. Like a magnet, the show attracted visitors by the thousands. (10/02/2014)
Perham's annual Turtle Fest pits turtle against turtle in races and brings folks from all over to cheer them on. Photojournalist Derek Montgomery stopped by to capture the not-so-speedy fun. (06/23/2014)
For bacon lovers in Duluth, Thursday was a chance to try a host of bacon-flavored treats. More than 500 people came to the University of Minnesota Duluth's Kirby Ballroom, to sample dishes cooked up by Twin Ports restaurants and bakeries at the inaugural "Baconpalooza." (05/09/2014)
Every spring, Duluth's bars and music venues pulse for a full week with "rawk and/or roll devil music." The Homegrown Music Festival features more than 200 acts, from hometown heroes Charlie Parr and Alan Sparhawk, to a flute choir. (05/05/2014)
Ever wonder what it's like to race down a raging, cold river in a kayak? Photographer Derek Montgomery was at the Lester River race in Duluth over the weekend to find out. He strapped video cameras to the racers' helmets and their boats. (04/28/2014)
Charging down a roiling and muddy race course near Duluth on Saturday, John McConville won the Lester River whitewater kayaking competition for the second time in a row. And despite the rugged -- and dangerous to anyone but experienced kayakers -- conditions, there were only a few injuries. (04/27/2014)
For most mortals, running, biking or skiing in a 135 mile race through Minnesota's north woods would seem a daunting enough task. But in the Arrowhead 135 Ultra, the competitors not only brave sub-zero degree temperatures, they crave it. (01/28/2014)