John Enger Feature Archive

Children whose mothers use drugs or alcohol during pregnancy can develop cognitive and health problems. It's a chronic danger in Beltrami County and the three nearby Indian reservations. (11/12/2014)
The firearms deer hunt starts Saturday. But tighter kill regulations this season mean lots of hunters may bag nothing more than a walk in the woods. (11/07/2014)
A tree cut Wednesday from the Chippewa National Forest will soon adorn the U.S. Capitol's west lawn. (10/29/2014)
The local utility flushed the system with chlorine following a damaging September storm but residents historically have been skeptical about the benefits of adding chemicals to their water. (10/28/2014)
After last year's long cold winter spiked propane costs and left firewood piles burned to nothing, rural Minnesotans are stocking up on anything to keep their homes warm. (10/22/2014)
With beef prices rising, many consumers find elk meat a better option. Demand for elk marrow from antlers is also on the rise. (10/14/2014)
The snowmobile and ATV maker has struggled for months to hire for its Roseau plant. That's led to construction — and some unusual living arrangements. (10/12/2014)
Senator Amy Klobuchar said the recent investigation points to another problem within the VA. (10/11/2014)
Engineers try to match water levels of three reservoir lakes along the U.S.-Canada border to those of natural lakes in the region. (10/07/2014)
High water levels that are good for area resorts pose a flooding threat to people who live near the lake. (10/07/2014)
Minnesota rural grocers meet today to talk about creative ways to stay in business. (10/01/2014)
It ended with one man shot, one beaten, one in jail and another on the run. (09/26/2014)
Most state employers had to boost their minimum wage from $7.25 to $8 starting Aug. 1. But that pay increase looks a lot better on paper than in your pocket. (09/23/2014)
Gunsmith Ed Bergum credits a sliver of metal with inspiring a lifelong entrepreneurial venture. (09/22/2014)
Michael Jon Perry, who later tried to flee in his car, surrendered. He and a sheriff's deputy were treated for injuries. (09/19/2014)