John Enger Feature Archive

High water levels that are good for area resorts pose a flooding threat to people who live near the lake. (10/07/2014)
Minnesota rural grocers meet today to talk about creative ways to stay in business. (10/01/2014)
It ended with one man shot, one beaten, one in jail and another on the run. (09/26/2014)
Most state employers had to boost their minimum wage from $7.25 to $8 starting Aug. 1. But that pay increase looks a lot better on paper than in your pocket. (09/23/2014)
Gunsmith Ed Bergum credits a sliver of metal with inspiring a lifelong entrepreneurial venture. (09/22/2014)
Michael Jon Perry, who later tried to flee in his car, surrendered. He and a sheriff's deputy were treated for injuries. (09/19/2014)
Bemidji internet users will soon be able to sign up for the fastest download speeds outside the Twin Cities. (09/18/2014)
Apartments in the city of 2,600 are such a rare commodity that there is often a waiting months-long waiting list for those that do come available. (09/17/2014)
With a 16-month lockout behind them, musicians from the Minnesota Orchestra are taking their instruments across the state. (09/16/2014)
New state rules will allow hunters over 60 to use crossbows for deer. DNR officials hope the change will lure older hunters back to the field. (09/12/2014)
Officials now say the water in Brainerd, Minn., is safe to drink without boiling. The news comes after test results showed no bacteria in the municipal water supply. (09/10/2014)
In the face of an ongoing boil order, a Minnesota community wrestles with questions about using chlorine in its municipal water system. (09/09/2014)
Residents of Brainerd remain under an order to boil their water -- four days after a thunderstorm brought down the city's water system. (09/08/2014)
Of the town's four successful eating establishments, two were set ablaze, likely by a lighting strike. (09/04/2014)
Storm clusters will also take aim at Minnesota's Arrowhead and northern Wisconsin Thursday afternoon. (09/04/2014)