Peter Cox Feature Archive

The company's Modular Rejuvenate and ABG II Femoral Hip Implants were defective, said Ben Gordon, one of the lead attorneys for the plaintiffs. (11/04/2014)
Witnesses say the squad car had lights and siren on when it crossed the tracks. Police say they still are investigating the collision. (11/03/2014)
As Minneapolis police prepare to roll out a pilot body camera program, St. Paul city leaders say they may adopt the technology, too. (10/31/2014)
If all 122 proposed changes are funded, the plan would increase Metro Transit's annual bus operating budget 33 percent between 2015 and 2030. (10/29/2014)
The key ingredient to make concrete is in short supply because of slower rail and barge delivery, manufacturing delays and demand from major local projects. (10/28/2014)
The pipeline brings crude and tar sand oil from Alberta through North Dakota, cutting across Minnesota from the northwest corner of the state to Superior, Wisconsin. (10/28/2014)
Quanan Machacek was sentenced immediately to life in prison without parole, in the death of Cody Rasche. Also pleading guilty to murder, 17-year-old Joshua Ford. (10/21/2014)
Federal prosecutors allege that Aaron Quoc Khieu planned to use Boston Scientific trade secrets to manufacture and sell his own brand of catheters. (10/21/2014)
Both cities implemented a federal treaty for the conservation of migratory birds in 2011. (10/18/2014)
Sgt. Derwin Ellis was unusually available and willing to talk, say leaders involved with Somali, Hmong, African American and Latino communities. (10/17/2014)
Along with more prosecutions, the state's added a new victim-centered approach to trafficking, officials said. (10/16/2014)
Paul Myklebust of St. Louis Park died early Saturday of an apparent drowning. His body was found on Monday afternoon. (10/15/2014)
Residents of the east Twin Cities metro whose drinking water contained perfluorochemicals, or PFCs, in the past shouldn't worry about their soil or garden produce, according to a study from the state Department of Health. (10/14/2014)
They aired their grievances in a letter to Surface Transportation Board Chairman Daniel Elliott III. (10/14/2014)
Paul Myklebust, 31, was last seen around 2:30 a.m. Saturday, when he and a friend left a party to kayak on Medicine Lake in Plymouth. (10/13/2014)