Peter Cox Feature Archive

The Chicago Blackhawks advanced to the Western Conference finals with a 4-3 victory over the Minnesota Wild on Thursday night for a four-game sweep. (05/07/2015)
Anoka County ranks in the top fifth nationally in a new study as a place where children have a better shot to scale the income ladder. (05/07/2015)
Brandon Wren died of a gunshot wound to the neck at his home late Sunday night. (05/05/2015)
Amy Hewett-Olatunde teaches students at LEAP High School in St. Paul, which enrolls students who are new arrivals to the U.S. and are not native English speakers. (05/03/2015)
Nekima Levy-Pounds hopes to engage more youth in the civil rights organization. (05/03/2015)
Officials are scrambling to bring down the ballooning costs of the light rail project to make it more palatable. (05/01/2015)
Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder said the protest was peaceful and there were no arrests. (04/30/2015)
The Wild, which have never won a series in fewer than seven games, beat the St. Louis Blues 4-1 and took the first round series in six games. (04/27/2015)
The Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Police officers arrived on foot to the rental car area of the airport's Terminal 1 parking garage. There, according to the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, a man intentionally drove a vehicle at them. (04/26/2015)
So far, more than 2.6 million birds have died in the outbreak, either by the flu itself or in efforts to prevent its spread. (04/26/2015)
This flu season has also hospitalized more people overall. And it's not over. The season typically lasts until late April or early May. (04/24/2015)
An apparent dispute between main contractor Lunda/Ames Joint Venture and a Hudson-based sub sparked the walkout by 100 workers Friday. MnDOT's project manager calls it "a bump in the road." (04/21/2015)
Minnesota now has a 2-1 lead in the NHL Western Conference playoff series against St. Louis. (04/21/2015)
About 350 people met in Crystal, Minn., to remember the 10-year-old boy many of them had tried to help find. He went missing March 18, and his body was found last week. (04/19/2015)
The two were killed after the motorcycle they were riding on was hit by a car. (04/19/2015)