Trisha Volpe Feature Archive

"We trusted the school like our family," said the father of one fourth-grader killed in the incident. (07/24/2013)
The city of St. Paul warns visitors that parts of Lilydale Regional Park are hazardous and unsafe. But when two fourth-grade classes from a St. Louis Park elementary school took a field trip to the park in May, the school did not relay that warning to parents. (07/24/2013)
Devin Meldahl and his mother Danielle are speaking publicly for the first time about what happened at a deadly fossil-hunting field trip to Lilydale Regional Park. (07/23/2013)
The Minnesota Court of Appeals has concluded that the trial court abused its discretion in the Amy Senser vehicular homicide trial, but the judge's errors were not enough to change the verdict. (06/24/2013)
If a court finds an immigrant gained status as a permanent resident or citizen through fraud or misrepresentation, that status can be revoked and the person deported, says an immigration attorney. (06/14/2013)
Former state Sen. Amy Koch, R-Buffalo, who once worked in intelligence communications for the NSA, speaks on the use of government surveillance. (06/07/2013)
The new Hastings Bridge is set to open one lane in each direction early next week. (06/01/2013)
Since Sara Jane Olson was released from a California prison four years ago, she's lived a relatively private life in her St. Paul neighborhood. Olson served seven years in prison for her involvement with the Symbionese Liberation Army in the 1970s -- a radical group best known for kidnapping Patty Hearst. Now she's moving back into public life by petitioning the White House to reduce disparities in prison sentences for crack and powder cocaine. (05/28/2013)
Bridge safety in Minnesota jumped back into the news this week when an Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River in Washington state collapsed, injuring several motorists. (05/25/2013)