Andrea Swensson Feature Archive

For those who saw Bob Dylan perform in Rochester this past August, there were few surprises last night at the Xcel Energy Center as he played to a similarly sized crowd. (11/08/2012)
"We Don't Even Live Here" is P.O.S.'s boldest release to date, and it's set to make an impact on a national scale with or without a tour to support it. (10/22/2012)
On a surface level, these two artists couldn't be more different. P.O.S. identifies as an atheist, while Ali is a practicing Muslim and a prominent figure at his mosque. P.O.S. makes unapologetically aggressive music that blends punk, rap, noise, and dance, while Ali draws from classic soul and gospel influences. And P.O.S. encourages destruction and hostility, while Ali preaches the importance of community and togetherness. (10/14/2012)
Politically charged albums can sound preachy if handled clumsily, but Brother Ali's relaxed and conversational cadence showcases his personal approach to sociopolitics and his skill for presenting intellectual ideas in a universal language. (09/17/2012)
The Cactus Blossoms sat down with Mary Lucia for a chat and performed for the fans at the Minnesota Public Radio booth. (08/30/2012)
Bob Dylan's Never Ending Tour has taken four years to steer its way back into his home state, and Minnesota's most famous expat seemed pleased to be back last night as he played for 7,000 fans in Rochester. (08/22/2012)
Local Current blogger Andrea Swensson ruminates on Claude Debussy's impact in popular culture. (08/20/2012)
We have just learned that SoundTown, which was slated to take place July 26-28 at Somerset Amphitheater, has been cancelled. (07/11/2012)
It's been seven years since Fiona Apple's last album, but a long pause between releases is business as usual for Apple, whose methodical approach to writing music has resulted in a stunning catalog of songs. (07/02/2012)
In a new project Low's Alan Sparhawk takes sidecar and gives violinist Gaelynn Lea center stage, laying down sparse electric guitar ambiance under her harrowing, sorrowful violin. (06/12/2012)
Given the pool of talent in Duluth's music scene and Trampled by Turtles' recent upswing on the national scene, it seems like the time to pay attention to artists from Duluth is now. (05/08/2012)
L'Assassins have been playing together for over two years, but they may seem new to local music fans since L'Assassins wasn't always their name. In fact, the quartet performed without a title for months before settling on something that fit their aesthetic and style. They've found their identity and are rising fast: L'Assassins will be playing the inaugural Girls Got Rhythm Fest in early May. (04/29/2012)