Jon Schober Feature Archive

Willy Mason has had several strings of mini-successes since beginning his career, but as soon as he would begin to build a public profile, awareness of his music would dwindle. Chalk that up to Mason's mysterious demeanor or lack of self-promotion — either way, the guy might now be poised for the breakout he's been waiting for since teaming up with Communion Records. (10/21/2013)
Darkside - Golden Arrow, from the new album "Psychic." (10/21/2013)
SCRNS - TTYN, their new single. (10/18/2013)
King Krule - Border Line, from the new album "6 Feet Beneath The Moon." (10/17/2013)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Nightwater Girlfriend, from the new album "Fly By Wire." (10/16/2013)
The Dismemberment Plan - Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer, from the new album "Uncanney Valley." (10/15/2013)
Goldspot - Abyss, from the new album "Aerogramme." (10/14/2013)
2013 appears to be the year of the break-out debut single. The story goes like this: if your single is strong enough, you get significant press, praise and enough hype and money to fund a debut album well beyond the means of most fledgling artists. Such is the case with Lorde's Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor. (10/13/2013)
Strange Names - Potential Wife (Information Society Remix) (10/11/2013)
Califone - Frosted Tips, from the new album "Stitches." (10/10/2013)
Tristen - No One's Gonna Know , from the new album "Caves." (10/09/2013)
Johnny Flynn - The Lady Is Risen, from the new album "Country Mile." (10/08/2013)
Holy Ghost! - Okay, from the new album "Dynamics." (10/07/2013)
The Chambermaids - Electric Sky, from the new album "Whatever Happened Tomorrow." (10/04/2013)
Johnathan Rice - Nowhere At The Speed Of Light, from the new album "Good Graces." (10/03/2013)