Jon Collins Feature Archive

The city has also reduced the amount of trash sent to the incinerator by 16 percent or 13,511 tons. (10/21/2014)
The accident occurred near the junction with Interstate 494 shortly after 6 a.m. The northbound lanes of the highway were closed as crews cleaned up. (10/21/2014)
Amy Senser can return home Monday after finishing a work release program, part of her sentence from a 2012 conviction tied to a high-profile hit and run death. (10/20/2014)
Apartments on the third and fourth floors were damaged and much of the building sustained smoke damage, officials said. (10/20/2014)
The man who initiated the fight was arrested and is in custody at the Ramsey County Jail. Police are investigating. (10/14/2014)
The lesson from Texas is that even one case of Ebola can have devastating consequences, Gov. Dayton and Sens. Klobuchar and Franken say. (10/13/2014)
A man was scratched on the hand by a cougar Thursday at the Como Zoo after he allegedly climbed on the outer railing of the animal's exhibit. (10/10/2014)
The state has dropped to 39th in charitable giving as the wealth gap increases. (10/10/2014)
The plan aims to add 20 miles of bikeways in Hennepin County annually, providing more options for recreational riders as well as commuters. (10/08/2014)
The assaults happened in parking Ramp C on the 300 block of 2nd Avenue North. (10/08/2014)
The victim was wearing glasses and a leather motorcycle jacket. He had a hoop earring in his left ear. (10/07/2014)
The justices did not comment in rejecting appeals from Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. However, the question of same-sex marriage nationwide remains unresolved. (10/06/2014)
Minneapolis police subdued and arrested Vikings defensive tackle Tom Johnson after he was repeatedly asked to leave a downtown building early Sunday morning. (10/06/2014)
Air traffic experts say the system worked well to make sure passengers already in the air arrived safely. (09/29/2014)
Prosecutors allege that Brian Fitch Sr. shot Patrick during a routine traffic stop in West St. Paul on July 30. (09/25/2014)