Jon Collins Feature Archive

The Twin Cities bike-sharing service is also bulking up its bright green fleet, adding more docking stations and streamlining payment options. (03/13/2015)
Meanwhile, opponents say the current proposal is a "metro-centric" bill that would hurt the elderly and the poor. (03/12/2015)
The hay bales fell off a tractor-trailer and hit the couple's car. Criminal charges could be possible against the truck driver. (03/12/2015)
Activists, including those in Minnesota, have asked that police officers receive more cultural competency training. But at its core, the concept of community policing is a partnership. ( 03/11/2015)
Entries should "be gender-neutral and reflect the mascot's role as a friendly, helpful and enthusiastic transit user," officials said. (03/11/2015)
It's largely symbolic, since the city doesn't invest in fossil fuel firms. But a committee hearing on the matter drew many residents and students in support. (03/03/2015)
The summer bike race attracts about 50,000 spectators and 250 professional bicyclists to the region. There are six races scheduled over five days from June 17-21. (03/03/2015)
Blowing snow caused havoc Tuesday in parts of Minnesota. A mid-morning crash shut down Interstate 94 in Wright County. The State Patrol reported 150 metro-area crashes. (03/03/2015)
Declining passenger numbers are leading Allegiant to end scheduled flights from Duluth to Las Vegas. The service, which began in 2006, will end Aug. 18, airport officials said. (03/02/2015)
A baby western lowland gorilla was born at St. Paul's Como Zoo last week. The infant appears to be strong and healthy, zoo officials said Monday. (03/02/2015)
The driver had gotten out of his cab following a fender bender Monday morning. (03/02/2015)
Despite slippery conditions and a new fee, 11,200 people took in Wisconsin's Lake Superior ice caves over the weekend. The weather is likely to shut the caves by March 17. (03/02/2015)
Minnesota's ice dam removers are being greeted in Boston 'like Santa Claus.' (02/26/2015)
Pilots say they don't want to strike but that they earn well below industry standards. Negotiations began in 2010. Federal mediators have been involved since 2012. (02/25/2015)
Descriptions of suspects will still be included when they help identify a potentially dangerous suspect. (02/25/2015)