Jon Collins Feature Archive

Twin Cities suburbs that are home to increasing numbers of poor residents are struggling to maintain housing, build transportation infrastructure and make sure residents have access to social services. ( 07/17/2015)
African-American bicyclists from all over the country have come to Minneapolis this week to take part in a six-day conference to promote more diversity in cycling. (07/17/2015)
Marcus Golden, who St. Paul police shot and killed outside an apartment in January, was agitated by the suicide of his brother -- who was memorialized in Golden's bedroom (pictured) -- and had threatened to kill himself, according to police interviews with his family. (07/17/2015)
The shooting occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on the 2300 block of Thomas Avenue North. (07/16/2015)
Police describe Elena Alison Geiger as a 5'3" white female with brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a white tank top, green cut-off shirt, shorts and flip-flops. (07/15/2015)
American Public Media Group lost money on its Classical South Florida venture. (07/14/2015)
The store was the site of an unrelated fatal shooting in May. (07/13/2015)
Hunter Boutain, 14, died last Thursday after apparently being exposed to the freshwater amoeba Naegleria fowleri while swimming in Lake Minnewaska near Alexandria, Minn. (07/13/2015)
The festival celebrates elements of hip-hop culture including breakdancing, MCing, graffiti and beatboxing. (07/09/2015)
The consent policy proposed by President Eric Kaler last month requires that "each person who wishes to engage in the sexual activity to obtain consent" from their partner through words or body language. (07/09/2015)
Flowing water was supposed to be part of the memorial, but it usually isn't working, according to the city attorney. (07/08/2015)
The temporary play space will coincide with a construction project at the museum's downtown St. Paul location. (07/08/2015)
Public defenders in Minnesota represent poor clients charged with felonies, gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors, as well as juveniles and children in need of protective services. (07/08/2015)
Levi Acre-Kendall's lawyer is arguing that he should be covered by Wisconsin's "Castle Doctrine," which presumes that Acre-Kendall used force to prevent himself from being killed or harmed. (07/07/2015)
Air quality in most of the state is now rated as "good," according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. (07/07/2015)