Jon Collins Feature Archive

A recent study from the University of Minnesota shows that middle-aged adults underestimate the likelihood that they'll need long-term health care services as they grow older. (01/21/2015)
Red Lake's tribal council OK's a feasibility study after federal officials said tribes can legalize marijuana in their territories under certain conditions. (01/16/2015)
The recent terror attacks in Paris are renewing attention on recruitment by foreign terror groups. Federal officials say Minnesota is a center for such activity in the United States. (01/15/2015)
With its expansion plans in tatters, the Minneapolis-based retail giant will close its 133 Canadian stores. Some 600 Twin Cities jobs are tied to Target's Canada operations. (01/15/2015)
Historic preservationists are feeling on the defense in the state as real estate pressures threaten some high-profile historic buildings. (01/14/2015)
Police said the shooting occurred when officers responded to a report that a man had threatened a woman via cell phone. The St. Paul NAACP called for an independent investigation. (01/14/2015)
The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Minnesota is $1.94 as of Tuesday. That's down almost 50 cents from just a month ago. (01/13/2015)
If confirmed, it would make him the first person to successfully make the 20,237-foot climb in January. (01/12/2015)
The city is shifting responsibility for doing the actual work of clearing the sidewalks from city public works employees to a private contractor. (01/09/2015)
A 27-year-old Sumatran orangutan named Markisa gave birth to the 3.45-pound female at the University of Minnesota's Veterinary Medical Center this week. (01/09/2015)
The Minnesota State Patrol warns that bridges, ramps and highway overpasses could be covered in black ice, and is urging motorists to drive cautiously and take their time. (01/09/2015)
Dog experts around the state offer advice on how to keep Emmy and Fido and Max happy and healthy during winter's roughest weather. (01/08/2015)
Charities are stepping up efforts to help the homeless as bone-chilling cold grips Minnesota this week. (01/06/2015)
Icy conditions on Twin Cities roads stalled traffic and caused more than 150 accidents on Tuesday morning. (01/06/2015)
Representatives of Butterfield Foods Co. deny the allegations and say the company complies with all laws and industry standards. (01/05/2015)