Jon Collins Feature Archive

The results of the BCA's investigation will be turned over to the Anoka County Attorney's office for consideration. (08/30/2014)
St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith said officers responded to frantic 911 calls about a man acting violently. (08/28/2014)
Abu-Huraira Islamic Center proposed a mosque at the old Medtronic headquarters in St. Anthony at 3055 Old Highway 8. The City Council voted 4-1 in June 2012 not to issue a conditional use permit for the mosque, citing appropriate land use. (08/27/2014)
The viral fundraising campaign that's clogging up social media with videos of people pouring a bucket of ice water over their head is also bringing tens of millions of dollars to organizations that combat the debilitating disease. (08/27/2014)
The Thrill Day theme continued through much of the 1930s and 1940s with stunts like a man setting himself on fire and diving into a pool, or acrobats performing on the wings of planes. (08/26/2014)
Angela Dawn Jackson, 37, is being held on $500,000 bail at Hennepin County Jail. (08/26/2014)
Three separate buildings in Duluth were hit by lightning during storms on Sunday night, causing two fires and damage to the structures. The Duluth Fire Department said no one was injured. (08/25/2014)
Public health officials say the risk for contracting West Nile virus appears to be much lower this year. (08/22/2014)
Spokesperson Judy Jacobs said no one was injured -- the flagger was able to jump out of the way before the cars crashed. (08/22/2014)
Police say an 11-year-old boy has been struck by a vehicle while walking along a street. (08/22/2014)
Officials say road closures in the area are due to police activity but have not elaborated. (08/22/2014)
Campaign aims to recruit people to protect pollinators. (08/21/2014)
To kick off Jeni Haler's official duties, she will sit in a refrigerated cooler for six hours while a 90-block of butter is sculpted in her likeness. (08/21/2014)
The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that evidence obtained illegally may not be used to deny a civil complaint against seizure of property. (08/21/2014)
Lawyers hope the three lawsuits will gain class-action status. (08/20/2014)