Emily Kaiser Feature Archive

Gov. Mark Dayton proposed giving the University roughly half of what it says is necessary for that freeze. (MPR News Update, 02/19/2015)
Black girls in the United States are suspended six times more than white girls, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education. ( 02/18/2015)
Steger turned 70 last year and said he hopes to see measurable change in his lifetime. (The Daily Circuit, 02/06/2015)
The Vassar College professor wrote a piece about the power behind his faculty ID. "We pull out our ID because we know the cops can kill us with impunity," he said. (The Daily Circuit, 02/03/2015)
We discuss this latest outbreak, and talk about what's behind the push away from vaccines. (The Daily Circuit, 01/29/2015)
"Most farmers are not as forward-leaning into the world as I am," Lucie Amundsen of Locally Laid said. (The Daily Circuit, 01/23/2015)
Columnist Michelle Singletary joined The Daily Circuit to share her tips on how to pare down personal spending with a 21-day fast. (The Daily Circuit, 01/21/2015)
Chuck Marohn thinks Minnesota towns are pulled into Ponzi schemes where new roads create strips of big-box national chains that bring instant gratification and long-term pain. (The Daily Circuit, 01/20/2015)
For young adults with close ties to their parents, the loss of one can be devastating. (The Daily Circuit, 01/15/2015)
How Frank Lloyd Wright, slavery and grave-robbing Europeans tell the story of the lake's not-so-pleasant past. (The Daily Circuit, 10/27/2014)
This will be Sagal's 11th marathon and his first in the Twin Cities. He said he's hoping to finish in under three and a half hours. (The Daily Circuit, 10/04/2013)
Stuart Firestein, an expert in smell and taste, explains how you interpret the food you consume. (The Daily Circuit, 05/29/2013)
Brian Greene, one of the world's best-known scientists, talks about how the education system is failing to inspire students to love the field. (The Daily Circuit, 05/28/2013)
Minnesota Orchestra musicians have been locked out for five months, with few signs that it will be ending anytime soon. Orchestra President Michael Henson and principal cellist Tony Ross will join us to talk about the state of the negotiations. (The Daily Circuit, 02/14/2013)
It's getting harder to make it in America -- especially if you're starting out with less. Why has it become harder? And what steps can be taken to remedy the problem? (The Daily Circuit, 01/08/2013)