Jennifer Simonson Feature Archive

Same-sex couples lined up at government offices in the Twin Cities this morning to apply for marriage licenses for the very first time, just a few weeks after same-sex marriage was made legal in the state. (06/06/2013)
It's been a slow start to the growing season, but now we're in the swing of things at farmers markets around the region. (06/05/2013)
A classic ground-beef burger is a terrific way to kick off the summer, but outdoor chefs might also want to experiment with other types of meat: lamb, turkey, salmon, pork-or even bean-and-grain veggie burgers. The current Real Food magazine, which you can pick up free from Lunds and Byerly's has a lot of great alterna-burger recipes. (05/29/2013)
Thousands of people turn out every year for the May Day Parade from In the Heart of the Beast Theater to Powderhorn Park in south Minneapolis. (05/28/2013)
Cossetta's has long been one of the biggest names in Italian food in the Twin Cities, and it has just gotten a lot bigger. They've undergone a major expansion and renovation. (05/22/2013)
Roger and DeAnna Cummings founded Juxtaposition Arts in 1995 and continue to teach and train young people in the arts while employing them as apprentices to work alongside professional artists. They were photographed outside the Juxtaposition Arts gallery space near West Broadway and Emerson avenues N. in Minneapolis Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2013. (04/29/2013)
Protesters on both sides of the abortion issue gathered Friday for dueling demonstrations outside the Planned Parenthood office in St. Paul. (03/29/2013)
This year's regional robotics competition at the University of Minnesota is so big it will take up two sports arenas. About 120 high school teams from Minnesota and surrounding states have designed robots that can throw Frisbees and climb a 10-foot-tall pyramid. (03/29/2013)
A non-profit founded in 1987 by the 88-year-old Heitzman at a suburban Twin Cities church, Bridging has grown into one of North America's largest furniture stores in which customers too poor to pay can shop for free. (03/27/2013)
A short stretch of North Washington Avenue in downtown Minneapolis is where a few of the best restaurants in the city are now clustered, says Star Tribune variety reporter Tom Horgen. (02/27/2013)
Butcher & the Boar was named on Tuesday a James Beard Award semifinalist for Best New Restaurant, and chef Jack Riebel was nominated as Best Chef in the Midwest. (02/20/2013)
Despite numerous challenges faced by its leaders Faye Price and Noel Raymond, Pillsbury House has changed people's expectations for what a community center can achieve with an injection of artistic talent. (02/18/2013)
Solveig Tofte owns and operates Sun Street Breads in Minneapolis with her husband Martin Ouimet. Tofte is in charge of baking and the kitchen, while Ouimet takes care of coffee and the front of house. (02/13/2013)
The Heartland Girls Ranch in Benson, Minn., is one of the few safe places to go for girls who are the victims of sex trafficking. (02/07/2013)
Maria Genne, the founder and artistic director of Kairos Dance, used to have a career that focused on dancing with young people. But as she grew older, Genne began looking at how she could create dance in which everyone felt welcome, and how music and storytelling could be used to stimulate the minds and bodies of the elderly in ways modern science is only beginning to fully appreciate. (01/28/2013)