Jennifer Simonson Feature Archive

Sculptor Allen Christian, best known for his carved bowling balls and use of recycled materials, is having a moving sale today and Saturday. (11/21/2014)
Six 16-foot high murals painted by artist Ralph Gilbert depict the earliest arrival of settlers and the impact on the Dakota people, the orphan trains, and the Union Depot during the Civil War. (10/27/2014)
A Como zoo zebra named Thelma gave birth to a baby boy over the weekend. Zookeepers found him Sunday morning when they arrived at work. (09/08/2014)
They locked the gates and turned off the floodlights at Midway Stadium for the last time Thursday night. (08/29/2014)
The Minnesota State Fair kicked off Thursday morning and marked historic changes, an annual parade of new foods (some on a stick!) and the unofficial start to campaign season. (08/21/2014)
Mike Kempenich forages for wild mushrooms all around Minnesota, which he then sells to chefs in the Twin Cities. In the process of finding mushrooms and teaching others to find them, he found something of his own. (08/20/2014)
The Minnesota Garlic Festival description is as the "premier event for lovers of garlic," and there was garlic everywhere -- being eaten, worn and judged. Saturday in Hutchinson at the McLeod County Fairgrounds, brave souls even sampled the garlic ice cream. (08/10/2014)
For more than 80 years, Henderson's Sauerkraut Days has celebrated pickled cabbage. The week-long festival features two parades, a classic car cruise, a softball tournament and music. It's capped off with a sauerkraut eating contest. (06/29/2014)
Professional kayaker Hunt Jennings (backed by his professional safety team) took on the teeming waters of Minnehaha Falls Thursday evening, the same day Minnehaha Creek's water level reached an all-time record high, rising more than a foot and a half. (06/19/2014)
For the first time, the city of Minneapolis is making so-called "power dogs" available for adoption at its animal shelter. This includes Dobermans, Rottweilers and pit bulls. (06/05/2014)
Scientists from the National Park Service are conducting an eagle survey along the Mississippi River and elsewhere, collecting blood and feather samples from eaglets to measure contaminants the eaglets ingest from their prey. (05/20/2014)
Island Station, an old coal-fired power plant on the Mississippi River, was imploded Sunday in St. Paul. (03/16/2014)
An MPR News investigation found the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has dealt with allegations and suspicions of child sexual abuse involving at least 70 clergy members since 1950 -- nearly double the church's official count. Explore an interactive database with details of the allegations against those priests, deacons and monks, along with the locations of their service and their current status. (02/19/2014)
Over the past decade the Minne-Loppet Foundation has helped teach more than 3,000 north Minneapolis elementary students how to ski. (01/31/2014)
Photographer Jennifer Simonson got a chance to visit the Metrodome last week, as seats were being taken out and the turf rolled up. They're getting the dome ready to be deflated this weekend. (01/16/2014)