Conrad Wilson Feature Archive

The state of Minnesota says it's going to fight the Federal Emergency Management Agency decision to deny individual homeowner assistance to the victims of this summer's flooding in and around Duluth. (07/25/2012)
Police in Duluth await official word whether heroin caused a person's death last weekend. Four others are suspected of overdosing on the drug. It's the latest in a string of heroin-related incidents that law enforcement and public health officials have come across. Officials say they have a strategy at work to cut down on heroin coming into Minnesota. (07/19/2012)
The city of St. Cloud has hired a new police chief. William Blair Anderson, a deputy sheriff for Carver County, will take over the department at the end of next month. (07/16/2012)
Police reports released this week shed some light on the Memorial Day explosion and fire at a paper mill in central Minnesota. (07/11/2012)
The floods that devastated parts of northern and southern Minnesota last month could end up benefiting a central Minnesota paper mill destroyed by fire. (07/10/2012)
Governor Mark Dayton says aid to rebuild a central Minnesota paper mill could come up in a special session, but the company must work with state economic development officials before the session takes place. (07/09/2012)
Representatives in Minnesota's solar industry say a change to one of Xcel Energy's incentive programs could hurt the industry just as takes hold. (07/06/2012)
A broken sewer pipe spewed up to 700,000 gallons of sewage that had to be diverted into the Mississippi River near Sauk Rapids. (07/05/2012)
Authorities in northern Minnesota recommended limited travel in residential areas Tuesday as they dealt with downed trees and power lines in the wake of severe storms that killed a fisherman. (07/03/2012)
The National Indian Education Study found roughly one-half to two-thirds of fourth- and eighth-grade students score at, or better than basic reading and math levels. (07/03/2012)
Damage to public infrastructure from heavy flooding nearly two weeks ago in northeast Minnesota has been estimated at about $108 million. But private property owners have also taken a hit, and counties are now assessing the damage and what it might mean for property tax revenue. (07/02/2012)
Parts of northeastern Minnesota continue to battle high water, while others spent the week cleaning up and totaling the damage. (06/30/2012)
The cost of damage caused by flooding in northeastern Minnesota is more than $108.6 million. Gov. Mark Dayton released the figure today. (06/29/2012)
The City of Duluth turns its attention to its badly damaged Fond-du-Lac neighborhood. About 200 homes there sit near the banks of the swollen St. Louis River. And about 80 have been damaged by the flooding. (06/25/2012)
Water levels are slowly dropping in northeastern Minnesota, but some parts of Duluth are cut off and many roads are closed. (06/23/2012)