Dan Kraker Feature Archive

Some Minnesota tribes want to change state law to prohibit an autopsy on religious grounds. Skeptics warn there are consequences to letting families stop the procedures. (03/02/2015)
The National Park Service says Wisconsin's Lake Superior caves will be reachable if the weather holds, but rangers caution that the hike will be slippery. (02/25/2015)
Citing falling ore prices, Grand Rapids-based Magnetation, which mines the waste piles left behind in the mining process, will lay off more than 40 employees. It still employs 300. (02/23/2015)
Campus Pride lists the University of Minnesota-Duluth among the nation's friendliest campuses for gay students. But the group says it's dropping UMD over the firing of women's hockey coach Shannon Miller. (02/20/2015)
Scientists aren't sure why moose are declining, but say warmer weather, parasites, disease and changing habitat are likely contributing factors. (02/17/2015)
The city of Duluth is seeking $4 million from the state to help Cirrus Aircraft expand. (02/14/2015)
The University of Minnesota-Duluth is firing successful women's hockey coach Shannon Miller. UMD says it's about money. Miller and others say the university doesn't want to discuss the real reasons. (02/13/2015)
After the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe and the Fond du Lac Band objected to two planned autopsies, Judge Robert Macaulay ordered Medical Examiner Thomas Uncini to release the bodies. (02/11/2015)
The Medal of Valor is the highest national award for officers who show exceptional courage to protect human life. Also being recognized are two Wisconsin officers. (02/11/2015)
Eight years ago, Minnesota leaders were out front in calling for more renewable energy and trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Lately, that push has faltered. (02/06/2015)
Bigger storms are making culverts and other infrastructure inadequate, as Duluth learned in June 2012. Now, cities are taking steps to deal with more rain. (02/04/2015)
The bill would require employers to offer at least one hour of sick time off for every 30 hours worked. (02/03/2015)
Managers of Minnesota's forests know their world is changing. But they disagree on how urgently new species should be introduced and how far they should be moved. (02/03/2015)
Even as northern Minnesota gradually grows warmer, some scientists are trying to find and preserve "cold spots" to sustain pieces of what defines the north woods. (02/03/2015)
Explore the sources for our series "Climate Change in Minnesota" to learn more. (02/02/2015)