Dan Kraker Feature Archive

Racers in the Arrowhead 135 ultra marathon in far northern Minnesota battled nearly a foot of snow that fell during the race. (01/29/2013)
Now about brooms -- witch's brooms, to be exact. Small, tightly woven masses of branches that can appear high up in pine trees across northern Minnesota. These "brooms" are actually the genetic source of a lot of the landscape plants and shrubs sold at nurseries. They're not often easy to retrieve. (01/29/2013)
Anyone who has driven along the North Shore of Lake Superior recently has likely noticed huge stands of dead birch trees. In recent years, several factors, including hungry deer, drought, development and thin, rocky soil, have drastically changed the forest in one of Minnesota's most popular and scenic areas. (01/28/2013)
A Superior, Wis., company that reclaims old growth lumber from a grain elevator was making its debut Sunday night on a reality TV show called "Ax Men." (01/27/2013)
The mining industry is holding a job fair on the Iron Range on Friday as mining employment in northeast Minnesota is growing. (01/24/2013)
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has cut the number of bears that controversial researcher Lynn Rogers can collar near his research station outside of Ely. (01/23/2013)
School children across northern Minnesota are enjoying an extra day off today because of frigid cold weather. (01/22/2013)
The Environmental Protection Agency has issued final rules aimed at cutting air pollution from Minnesota's taconite plants that contribute to haze over the Boundary Waters and Voyageurs and Isle Royale National Parks. (01/18/2013)
Believe it or not, there are still ships on the Great Lakes headed for Duluth even though the harbor there is clotted with ice. Their routes are made possible by the Coast Guard Cutter Alder. (01/16/2013)
A federal appeals court ruled today that the Fond du Lac Ojibwe Band does not have to share revenues with the city of Duluth from its downtown casino. (01/14/2013)
A new $78 million airport terminal will open in Duluth on Monday after nearly 10 years of planning and construction. More than half the funding came from federal grants, with state and local dollars covering the rest. (01/13/2013)
Duluth Mayor Don Ness on Wednesday declared January as Duluth Trafficking Awareness Month, kicking off a series of events across the city to raise awareness about girls being sold for sex. (01/09/2013)
Daily in Minnesota and across the country, young girls are bought and sold for sex. A group of advocates and law enforcement officials in Duluth is trying to increase awareness of the dangers and bring an end to the trafficking of girls. (01/09/2013)
In many Minnesota cities, water system are aging and in need of replacement. Recent major water main breaks have highlighted the massive labyrinth of underground pipes that delivers water to homes and businesses. (01/08/2013)
A St. Louis County judge has ordered the controversial Duluth headshop Last Place on Earth to pay for police presence outside its downtown storefront. (01/02/2013)