Dan Kraker Feature Archive

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued three kayakers off the shore of Grand Portage on Lake Superior Sunday. (07/14/2014)
Iron ore shipments on the Great Lakes through the end of June are down 17 percent from a year ago. A harsh winter that produced thick ice is to blame. (07/09/2014)
They've set a target date of July 21 for reopening the backcountry. Visitors may rebook backcountry reservations online starting July 21. (07/07/2014)
Steel companies and union workers are claiming that the illegal dumping of steel into the United States at below-market costs by South Korea and other countries threatens thousands of American jobs -- including those on Minnesota's Iron Range. (06/23/2014)
Every day, about 2.3 million barrels of crude oil crosses Minnesota through 10 pipelines, and eight trains carry another 500,000 barrels. (06/19/2014)
Reservoir dams there control the water level on the river and a number of lakes, and even with the dam gates fully open there's been so much rain in the region that the Rainy Lake levels continue to rise. (06/16/2014)
The insect has defoliated millions of acres of trees over the past several decades as it's slowly migrated from the East Coast to the Midwest. Last year, it gained a foothold in northeast Minnesota along the North Shore. (06/13/2014)
More than two dozen people from several agencies responded with boats, a float plane and a state helicopter. (06/13/2014)
Flies have forced about 70 percent of nesting loons in an area of north-central Wisconsin to leave their eggs. That's more than twice the highest rate of abandonment in the past 22 years. (06/11/2014)
After a federal judge Monday refused to temporarily halt same-sex marriages in Wisconsin, and the state plans a court challenge, same-sex couples in many counties there are continuing to get married. (06/10/2014)
Researchers have now found a way to place GPS collars on newborn moose that doesn't seem to lead to mothers leaving them behind. (06/08/2014)
Nolan faces a well-financed challenger in the 8th District in GOP businessman Stewart Mills whose family owns the Mills Fleet Farm chain of stores. (06/06/2014)
Aiming to lure more filmmakers to Minnesota, state lawmakers last year resurrected the "snowbate" program which provides rebates to film companies for 20 percent of what they spend in the state -- and 25 percent if they shoot outside of the Twin Cities metro area. Most of the film crews coming to the state are heading to northeast Minnesota. (06/03/2014)
Brad Lancaster, perhaps the nation's expert on capturing and using rainwater, creates an oasis in the desert where he lives. And what he used to do illegally is now sanctioned by the city and imitated by neighbors. (05/29/2014)
In a groundwater Q and A with MPR News reporter Dan Kraker, University of Arizona water expert and author Robert Glennon says Minnesota's water situation is not all that different from that in dry Arizona. (05/27/2014)