Cara Hetland Feature Archive

It's pheasant season in the upper Midwest, and that brings hunters to the prairies in search of the ring-necked bird. But for one Minnesota woman known as the feather lady, pheasant season brings something very different. (10/31/2005)
Marshall, Minnesota, expanded its airport runway with the promise that Northwest Airlines would begin flights to the city using Mesaba Airlines, one of its regional carriers. Now that both carriers have declared bankruptcy the promise of expanded service is gone and city officials wonder if any other carrier will offer service. (10/14/2005)
Mountain Lion season is scheduled to start October 1 in South Dakota. A group with a mission to protect the cat population is taking the issue to a judge. (09/28/2005)
South Dakota's governor will call a special legislative session this fall to fund a state underground laboratory in an abandoned gold mine. (09/21/2005)
Town designed for sign language users being planned in South Dakota. (09/14/2005)
Now is the peak season for insect-borne diseases, and the health implications are more serious than ever before. (08/29/2005)
A new 3-D map shows vegetation throughout the United States. It's the data needed to help simulate wildfires and may predict where the fire will head. (08/25/2005)
There's an unusual competitive sport that's finding new fans in the Midwest. It's called cage fighting. Two adults get into a padded chain link cage and engage in what some call old-fashioned street fighting, and what others insist is a legitimate sport. The city of Sioux Falls is among the first to restrict the events. (08/16/2005)
The ethanol industry is a big winner in the new energy bill passed recently by Congress. The measure nearly doubles the required amount of renewable fuels used in gasoline. That translates into double the amount of ethanol needed to fulfill the standard in the next 10 years. (08/05/2005)
Minnesotans love to talk about the extremes in the weather. This year, those extremes -- too dry in the south, too wet in the northwest -- have left some farmers wondering if they can survive another year. (08/02/2005)
Low water on the Missouri River means more shoreline exposed. That also means there are more artifacts exposed. Looters are hitting the jackpot and law enforcement is cracking down. (07/19/2005)
One Indian reservation in north-central South Dakota is about to run out of water. Five years of drought is making it harder and harder to pump water. (07/14/2005)
Five years of drought have taken their toll on the Missouri River, and the tourism businesses that rely on visiting anglers for their livelihoods. South Dakota's Lake Oahe is one of the areas most severely affected. (07/07/2005)
Three members of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission were in western South Dakota Tuesday for a two-hour public hearing. The commissioners listened to testimony and toured Ellsworth Air Force Base, home to about half the Air Force's B-1 bomber fleet and one of 33 bases on the Defense Department list of facilities slated to close. (06/22/2005)
A Sioux Falls artist pays tribute to the tenacity of the people and the drama of the tornado that struck Spencer, South Dakota seven years ago. (05/30/2005)