Cara Hetland Feature Archive

This story about adoption came about because most of the children I have talked with for this series are adopted. (10/02/2007)
In the U.S. and countries around the world, children are born each day to mothers who drank alcohol while they were pregnant. As more American families adopt children from other countries, doctors say they are seeing more cases of fetal alcohol syndrome. (10/02/2007)
Health officials in South Dakota say efforts to vaccinate teenagers against a virus that causes cervical cancer are short of their goal. Officials say only two-thirds of the doses have been distributed so far. (09/14/2007)
Many people assume that Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders affect only children, but it's a lifetime disease. Advocates say once a child with FASD turns 18, most of the safety nets disappear and a vast new set of challenges emerge. (09/07/2007)
Despite decades of research, there are still many questions about fetal alcohol disorders. Children exposed to alcohol in the womb are often misdiagnosed with other conditions. (09/07/2007)
When a pregnant woman drinks, she risks giving birth to a child with a broad range of health problems, including permanent brain damage. Children and adults with fetal alcohol exposure are an invisible population -- underserved and misunderstood. (09/07/2007)
In South Dakota, two education advocates are assigned specifically to help children with FASD to succeed in school. They hold workshops around the state to help parents, educators and FASD students learn how to help each other. (09/07/2007)
Most public schools in the U.S. don't know how to deal with FASD students. Until recently, colleges and universities that train teachers didn't pay much attention to FASD. (09/07/2007)
It's estimated the nation spends close to $4 billion annually to care for children and adults with fetal alcohol syndrome. That includes costs in health care, social services and prisons. (09/06/2007)
The Canadian Pacific Railway is buying the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad. The $2.5 billion deal was announced Wednesday in Sioux Falls. Officials with both companies say the merger is a good for their customers and for the region. (09/05/2007)
Reporter Cara Hetland shares some of her thoughts about covering this story. (09/05/2007)
U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson told well-wishers in Sioux Falls Tuesday afternoon that it's been a long journey home, one that's taken longer than he wanted. It's his first public appearance since he suffered a brain hemorrhage in December. (08/28/2007)
The soybean aphid is big trouble in a little package. The insect has been munching away profits in bean fields for seven years, but this year, there's a new enemy in the fields. The Asian wasp has been released in seven states as a biological control for the aphid population. Researchers have worked for the last six years preparing for the release. (08/17/2007)
The summer of 2006 was a drought disaster in South Dakota. This year, Minnesota farmers in some counties face the same dilemma. As officials in Washington D.C. decide whether to offer emergency disaster loans to farmers, how did South Dakota ranchers fare last year? (08/02/2007)
There's a shift in the economic base in South Dakota. The move is from primarily agriculture to the sciences and technology. (07/20/2007)