Cara Hetland Feature Archive

The prosecution has rested its in the felony manslaughter trial of South Dakota Congressman Bill Janklow. Witnesses testified Janklow was coherent after the accident and declined medical attention. And jurors heard about Janklow speeding and running a stop sign a year ago. (12/04/2003)
A man who was riding motorcycles with a friend who was killed in a crash with Rep. Bill Janklow cried on the witness stand Tuesday as he described seeing his friend's lifeless body. (12/03/2003)
Jury selection begins Monday in the felony manslaughter case against South Dakota Congressman Bill Janklow. Janklow is accused in the August traffic accident that killed Randy Scott of Hardwick, Minnesota. (11/28/2003)
The Minnesota Vikings are hunting for a new location for the team's summer training camp. This is the final week to get the proposals in. Leaders in four cities want to lure the Vikings to their town. Mankato officials want training camp to stay in their town, where its been the last 39 years. (10/28/2003)
A Sioux Falls man says U.S. troops in Iraq should prepare to leave. Ali Sahli was born and raised in the Iraqi oil city of Kirkuk. He was mayor of that city 30 years ago, and now, he's returning to help set up a new government. He says it's time for Iraqis to take control of their own country. (10/20/2003)
South Dakota's lone congressman spoke to reporters yesterday. It was the first time, since he was involved in a fatal traffic accident. Bill Janklow often lost his train of thought when talking to reporters. Janklow seemed confused and embarrassed by his mistakes. (09/23/2003)
South Dakota Congressman Bill Janklow waived his right to a preliminary hearing. He faces charges in a fatal traffic accident. Instead of the hearing, Bill Janklow will be formally charged Friday. The court papers were filed after Bill Janklow spoke to reporters today. It was his first news conference since the accident. Janklow spoke slowly and deliberately, and more than once was on the verge of breaking down. (09/22/2003)
There's a new effort to make South Dakota competitive in biotechnology. Many would say the state is about 20 years behind the times. But Gov. Mike Rounds says whether it's agricultural products or medical breakthroughs, he's ready to offer an office and financial assistance to companies willing to move. Unfortunately many biotech companies are either well established elsewhere, or are still just someone's good idea. (09/15/2003)
It rained in Sioux Falls Tuesday -- a rare occurrence this summer. But one day's worth of showers won't be enough to help solve the city's water problems. That's because the Big Sioux River, the city's main source for drinking water, is drying up. (09/09/2003)
Bill Janklow faces manslaughter charges as a result of a fatal traffic accident. Many in South Dakota wonder what's next for the man who's dominated South Dakota politics for more than three decades. He's been attorney general, governor and now the state's sole U.S. Representative. To some he's a hero, but to others he's a bully. Janklow can be harsh when he speaks his mind. And no matter what the controversy in his political career, he has come out on top -- at least until now. (09/05/2003)
MPR reporter Cara Hetland has worked in South Dakota since 1990, observing and covering the activities of Bill Janklow. She shares some of her experiences. (09/05/2003)
U.S. Rep. Bill Janklow was charged Friday with second-degree manslaughter in the death of a motorcyclist, killed when the congressman allegedly ran a stop sign at more than 70 mph. (08/29/2003)
South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds wants everyone in his state to prepare for battle. The enemy is mosquitoes, which are spreading the West Nile virus. Four people have died from the West Nile virus in the last week. More than 250 human cases have been reported in South Dakota this summer. Rounds says the next three weeks is the peak season for mosquitoes and West Nile. (08/28/2003)
U.S. Rep. Bill Janklow was driving 70-75 mph on a county road when he failed to stop at a stop sign and collided with a motorcycle on Saturday, killing the biker, according to an accident report released by the South Dakota Highway Patrol. The speed limit on the road east of Trent is 55 mph. (08/21/2003)
A prosecutor says South Dakota Congressman Bill Janklow did not stop at a stop sign before his car was hit by a motorcycle. The motorcycle rider died in the Saturday crash in rural South Dakota. Janklow's son acknowledged Tuesday that his father's failure to obey a stop sign led to the fatal accident. (08/19/2003)