David Safar Feature Archive

Next to Elvis, Lennon, McCartney, Bowie, Morrison, Dylan and Hendrix, Robert Plant is one of the most recognizable voices in the history of rock'n'roll. Robert Plant could easily refrain from ever releasing another track to the public and avoid the scrutiny of die-hard Zeppelin fans who want nothing more than a re-hashed version of "The Battle of Evermore." Instead, Plant continues to take risks and release new music that piques the interest of fans across genres. (09/14/2010)
The most ambitious and challenging album of the summer might end up being the sophomore release from the little known pop sensation Janelle Monae. She's far from being a household name but has spent the past seven years building the support of artists like Big Boi, Saul Williams and Sean "Diddy" Combs. (05/18/2010)
Hot Chip's new album, <em>One Life Stand</em>, is a clear step forward musically and emotionally. The production is more consistent throughout the album without the previous missteps into indie rock-fused jams. (01/28/2010)
the soundtrack delivers what you would expect from each artist. The Black Keys sound bluesy, the Bravery are predictably bland, and Cee Lo Green is comfortably soulful. But like the movies, the soundtrack never fully reaches it's potential. (01/08/2010)
Success hasn't diluted Brother Ali's message but on his new release, "Us", he stops short of drawing a line in the sand. (09/22/2009)
After a long weekend in White Stripes frontman Jack White's Third Man recording studio, a private performance and an unhealthy amount of buzz in the blogosphere, The Dead Weather has released its debut album, <em>Horehound.</em> (07/14/2009)
Eddie Argos and the gang are back with Art Brut's third album, "Art Brut vs. Satan." (04/21/2009)
"Heroes" is the newest compilation from War Child International, an organization dedicated to working to help children affected by war. (02/16/2009)