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This week on New Hot, we're exploring the best reissues of 2012. Read about an iconic party album from the early 2000s, a release that has been 50 years in the making and a famed collaboration just inducted into the Library Of Congress. These are our three recommended reissues of 2012. (11/16/2012)
If you've ever seen a live Dan Deacon show, you know just how much creative power he has over his audience. As soon as the first note drops, the floor becomes mayhem, turning into a ritualistic affair. Deacon's music invokes a wide variety of emotions, but first and foremost his music elicits uninhibited joy. His process and love for audience participation translates from stage to record, and even with his recent performance for The Current, it's difficult for your body not to pulse with the rhythm. (11/12/2012)
This week on New Hot, we're exploring new releases from a band known for wearing surgical masks during live shows, an artist who got her start on YouTube and a duo who have recorded all of their albums in different countries. These are our three recommended album releases for the week of November 12. (11/09/2012)
This week on New Hot, we're exploring new releases from a band on the record label started by Animal Collective, a new 12" from Beyonce's sister and a Brooklyn group who has collaborated in the past with Bjork and David Byrne. (11/06/2012)
Ty Segall has been a busy man. Once upon a time, the guitar virtuoso was the secret gem of the Bay Area, but the world was bound to pick up on a guy who has released eight albums in just four years. (10/08/2012)
"Shields" carries the same lush harmonies and dramatic crescendos as their previous releases, but the band has reached a new stage in their career as lyricists and song writers. (10/08/2012)
I won't deny Divine Fits the label of supergroup, if that's what it takes to convince you to listen. After all, they fit the profile if you follow their respective bands. Yet, "A Thing Called Divine Fits" isn't about flaunting chops or propping-up egos. (08/27/2012)
Experimental rock trio Liars' career has been defined by nomadic wanderings, both geographically and sonically. Formed in L.A., the group relocated to Brooklyn, shed a few members and wound up in rural New Jersey, and eventually made their way to Berlin, before returning to L.A. (07/23/2012)
Despite the similarities to "Manners," Passion Pit's new album has transcended any hint that this band has run their course. (07/23/2012)
Coming from 14 years of hard work and dedication to their music and their fans, Metric has a career that stands out against their indie rock peers. Their new album "Synthetica" exposes a darker side of Metric's sound and lyrics. (06/11/2012)
The Only Place isn't just an improvement on Best Coast's debut; it's a harsh reminder that it's a steep fall from grace when you start out as a darling of the indie music blogs. Like Weezer's "Pinkerton," this album can't and won't be fully appreciated until fans and critics have their chance to deliver some initial hipster backlash. (05/14/2012)
Mike Hadreas has been looking for the right way to explore his life experiences. Based on the extremely personal nature and simultaneously heart-breaking and inspiring anecdotes that he has collected, it seemed only natural to create a new identity to bring these stories to fruition. Perfume Genius was born in 2008 and Hadreas quickly drew acclaim for his sparse and touching compositions and affecting stories. (04/16/2012)
This release is a way to live vicariously through the music. If you haven't been able to experience the New Standards in concert, or seen their annual shows, or if you feel the need to reconnect with the songs from your own holiday tradition, The New Standards and Friends Holiday Show captures the essence of this festive and wistful time of year. (11/27/2011)
Active Child is the musical project of New Jersey native and Los Angeles resident Pat Grossi. While his sound incorporates a number of different styles, it is his amazing voice and echoing harps that stands out on his first full-length album. (09/19/2011)
When Ryan Schreiber founded a small internet music zine in 1995 while living in Minneapolis, he had no idea it would turn into what Pitchfork Media is today. (06/02/2011)