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Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 5 is no different from the past four installments in that it includes inspiring musicians from the '60s to today. The project brings together some of the most timeless songs in rock history with local musicians. Beatles fans and local show-goers alike should find it hard to resist. (12/02/2013)
Saintseneca is the newest signing to Anti- Records, the home of venerable bands like Wilco, Neko Case and Calexico. In the indie music world, the label is considered one of the most advantageous for a young band's career. The Columbus quartet is banking off of this newfound press with a rigorous tour and recording schedule. (11/18/2013)
Seattle four-piece La Luz sound like they're straight out of the '60s. They've managed to capture the jangly cross-section of that era's garage rock scene, the surf rock sounds of the west coast, as well as the punk movement which followed it. The influences are obvious, yet the band manages to defy easy categorization by combining them all at once -- that's why new record "It's Alive" feels fresh and uninhibited. (11/11/2013)
Add Dresses to the long list of recent bands who are impossible to search for on the internet. But their name has some significance -- Dresses' music is seriously a no-frills affair. It's light, cheery pop with surfy hooks that don't require a complicated band name. (11/04/2013)
Local tracks from Jeremy Messersmith and Poliça climb to the top of The Chart as The Arcade Fire take #1. Meanwhile, Alt-J plummet to #15 and NONONO hold onto #13. (10/31/2013)
Alt-J retake the top of the chart this week as NONONO continue to slide. Jake Bugg enters the Chart Show Hall of Fame, and it's a big week for local debuts from Jeremy Messersmith, Mason Jennings, and Caroline Smith. (10/24/2013)
Willy Mason has had several strings of mini-successes since beginning his career, but as soon as he would begin to build a public profile, awareness of his music would dwindle. Chalk that up to Mason's mysterious demeanor or lack of self-promotion — either way, the guy might now be poised for the breakout he's been waiting for since teaming up with Communion Records. (10/21/2013)
The Head and the Heart accomplish more on <i>Let's Be Still</i> than presenting their ability to write and arrange melodies; they deliver a more mature set of songs that tell stories. The album is as relatable as it is listenable. (10/21/2013)
Ellis Ludwig-Leone, the mastermind behind brass-heavy Brooklyn-based band San Fermin, stopped by The Current studios after shooting a music video in Minnesota to chat with New Hot host David Safar about the self-titled debut, the band's elaborate live show and what the name San Fermin means to him. (10/15/2013)
<i>Wise Up Ghost</i> is unlike any other album that will be released this year. The pairing of one of rock's best songwriters and lyricists with hip hop's best live band is worth a spot in your album collection. (09/23/2013)
This week on New Hot, we'll take a look at a legendary hip-hop crew out of Atlanta, plus a band whose debut became one of the biggest breakouts of the modern age. These are our three recommended releases for this week. (08/26/2013)
This week on New Hot, we'll take a look at a duo who revitalized the L.A. punk scene, and a band whose members signed some of the most popular indie rock groups of the '90s. These are our three recommended releases for this week. (08/19/2013)
The best indie rock album of the year comes from a band with a career spanning over two decades. (08/18/2013)
This week on New Hot, we're taking a look at the most recognizable man in gypsy punk, plus a guy from the south who helped create a new music genre with his debut. These are our three recommended releases for this week. (08/12/2013)
Daughn Gibson is one of those musicians who seemed to matriculate out of thin air. Signed to Sub Pop off the strength of his debut "All Hell," this Pennsylvania born-and-raised 6'5", deep-voiced crooner has challenged listeners with some of the most ingenious vocal tricks in recent memory. Many people already know his backstory: he played drums in Pearls & Brass, was a trucker, worked in warehouses, tested radiation on broadcast towers, worked at an adult bookstore and did sound at dive bars. The guy's somewhat of a nomadic enigma. During his recent stop in Minneapolis, Gibson caught up with New Hot host and Music Director David Safar to talk about his sophomore album "Me Moan." (07/29/2013)