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New Hot is conducting an experiment. What songs would The Current listeners put into rotation if they had the opportunity? This is where you come in: rate the songs on this week's playlist and let us know what you think of The Current mix. (07/29/2014)
Believe the hype. Shrouded in mystery, Jungle is emerging from behind the scenes to make danceable electronic music for rock fans. (07/21/2014)
Anticipating the release of Rural Alberta Advantage's 3rd studio album, <em>Mended with Gold</em>, frontman Nils Edenloff chatted with New Hot host David Safar this week to debut "Terrified," the first single off the new record. (07/08/2014)
On tour supporting his highly anticipated debut album release, Benjamin Booker stopped in to The Current studios to talk to New Hot host David Safar about how he was discovered and signed to ATO records. Booker also plays a few songs off the forthcoming album, scheduled for Aug. 19. (06/30/2014)
Sam Smith's debut release is an ambitious album that shows Smith is both a talented singer and writer, and his songs bring out the raw, unaffected voice that might be the best of the year. (06/30/2014)
Jack White's sophomore solo album builds on his already impressive musical talent. 'Lazaretto' channels the voices, music and instruments White has mastered as a professor of the rock tradition. (06/09/2014)
London singer-songwriter Lyla Foy stopped by New Hot to chat with host David Safar and to play a few tracks off her new record, <em>Mirrors the Sky</em>, out now on Sub Pop. (04/29/2014)
The Hold Steady's sixth studio album exemplifies what Craig Finn and friends have done better than their contemporaries: They play guitar-driven rock music with smart lyrics. (03/24/2014)
Adam Roth left the south to pursue music in Los Angeles. It was there he met up with two producers from Stockholm who inspired him to meld his Americana roots with electronic production. Thus, Grizfolk was born, and it's been a quick ascent to the spotlight since then. (01/21/2014)
'Wig Out at Jagbags' is a refreshing reminder of an indie-rock era when lyrics mattered, and is everything you'd expect from the man often called the smart guy of indie rock. (01/20/2014)
Now that the year-end lists have finally settled, it's time to build up anticipation for what's to come, so The Current's Music Director and New Hot host, David Safar, has put together a list of the most anticipated albums of 2014. Some records come from familiar artists with definite release dates, some have only have European or Australian releases and some may have been released in late 2013 but are just about to make their big splash in the new year. (01/07/2014)
The unlikely pairing of Green Day's front man Billie Joe Armstrong and singer songwriter Norah Jones resulted in a tribute to the timeless voices of the duo who shaped the sound of country and rock 'n' roll. (01/06/2014)
Darkside makes dance music. That's their motto, even if their string of usually sub-100bpm tracks might make for a more intimate affair, rather than club bangers. But the duo of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington have a high-profile history of reimagining the way dance music sounds, and we imagine that the genre in 2014 will follow suit with the band's ideas. (12/09/2013)
Couple Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin were discovered by Columbia Records after posting a series of demos of their band Cults to Bandcamp. The ensuing hype machine created one of the more successful debut records of 2011. The two have since broken up, and as with all good musical relationships that come to an end, the ensuing creative energy has spawned a darker collection of pop songs for their sophomore album "Static." (12/02/2013)
Music Director and host David Safar shares his top albums and songs of 2013. (12/02/2013)