Catharine Richert Feature Archive

For the first time since Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann ran for Congress in 2006, there's no third-party candidate on the ballot. And that means a swath of voters is up for grabs, a development that could shift the race in favor of her DFL opponent, hotel magnate Jim Graves. (10/16/2012)
Millions of dollars are being poured into the Twin Cities television market on ads targeting the top of the ticket down to the legislative races. (10/11/2012)
If dollars equaled votes, it would seem that separate campaigns to defeat two proposed constitutional amendments on this fall's ballot would be winning by a landslide. But polls show both amendments are on track to pass. (09/26/2012)
Next weekend, residents of southern Minnesota may notice a black bus painted with the words "Obama's Failing Agenda Tour" out on the road. The bus is owned by Americans for Prosperity, a political pressure group founded by wealthy conservative donors Charles and David Koch. (09/25/2012)
Minnesota voters are split on the marriage amendment, according to a new poll from the Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling (PPP). (09/12/2012)
The pair, both vying to represent Minnesota in the Senate, traded barbs on nearly every major issue facing Minnesota and the nation, from taxes and the economy to the Obama administration's timeline for pulling troops out of Afghanistan. (08/29/2012)
When it comes to policy issues facing Minneapolis residents and the nation, Minnesota's 5th Congressional District Rep. Keith Ellison and his Republican opponent Chris Fields couldn't be further apart. (Minnesota Public Radio News Presents, 08/28/2012)
This election season, Democrats have tried to frame Republicans as hostile to women. (08/28/2012)
The three candidates vying for Minnesota's 4th Congressional District seat say job creation would be their top priority in Congress - but they have dramatically different views on how to grow employment. (Minnesota Public Radio News Presents, 08/27/2012)
Even though Sen. Al Franken is facing what's expected to be a tough re-election race in 2014, he's spending a lot of time helping other Democrats this election year. (08/15/2012)
Gov. Mark Dayton has endorsed Rick Nolan, a former DFL congressman who wants to challenge 8th Congressional District Rep. Chip Cravaack this fall. (07/31/2012)
Just because you live in California, doesn't mean you can't help out one of Minnesota's candidates for Congress. According to recent campaign finance reports, contributors living as far away as Alaska are pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into Minnesota's congressional races. (07/16/2012)
As it did in Wisconsin, union policy presents a tough situation for Kurt Bills: he's been a union member much of his professional life, but he's also an outspoken critic of the organizations. (07/05/2012)
Minnesota for Marriage, the primary group backing a state constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman, has raised roughly $588,000 so far this year, according to a new finance report. (06/20/2012)
It looks like Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District just got a more competitive. (06/11/2012)