Catharine Richert Feature Archive

Insurance purchased through MNsure is set to take effect the first of the year for Minnesotans who sign up by Dec. 23. But some people who have signed up before the deadline could still find themselves without coverage, officials say. (12/03/2013)
Minnesota is home to at least 83,000 uninsured immigrants who may be eligible for health coverage through the state's new insurance marketplace. But convincing them to use the new exchange is proving to be a communications challenge. (11/26/2013)
Gov. Mark Dayton has decided Minnesotans cannot keep health plans that are going away because of the Affordable Care Act. (11/18/2013)
The state Department of Commerce says it's not immediately clear how a revision to the federal health law will play out in Minnesota. (11/14/2013)
Higher-than-expected wait times at the MNsure call center have prompted the new insurance marketplace to hire extra employees. (11/13/2013)
Numerous Minnesota businesses are joining the ranks of small group policy holders who are renewing insurance plans early to avoid higher insurance rates designed to make insurance more affordable for companies with unhealthy workers. (11/11/2013)
Dennis Nguyen says if he's elected Secretary of State, he'll get the Legislature to approve online voter registration first. Nguyen also wants to expand voter participation through absentee voting and early voting. (11/10/2013)
An investigation by the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor has found that a data breach at MNsure earlier this year was unintentional and that there was "no evidence of malicious intent." (11/07/2013)
Opponents of MNsure say that a plan on the new health insurance exchange will cost you more than your old plan. But comparing 2013 plans to 2014 plans doesn't tell the whole story. (11/04/2013)
Dayton put MNsure on the fast-track when he took office in 2011, but was far from a public cheerleader at the outset. He's clearly gotten more comfortable with the plan, but his recent comments are also a response to a brewing political battle over the exchange in next year's gubernatorial race. (10/25/2013)
People who have locked their credit reports may have trouble creating an account on the state's new insurance marketplace, MNsure officials said today. (10/24/2013)
The problems that have plagued the federal insurance marketplace in the last two weeks have not affected the system in Minnesota, said the head of MNsure. (10/21/2013)
MPR News went back into the archives to find five of the biggest promises MNsure officials made about the future site before its launch -- and gauged whether they've delivered on them. (10/17/2013)
Nearly 8,200 Minnesotans have completed the insurance application process after creating an account on MNsure. About one quarter of them had incomes low enough that they would qualify for federal subsidies to help pay for a commercial health plan. Nearly 3,800 people have enrolled in a plan. (10/16/2013)
That information is critical because someone hasn't officially enrolled in a plan until the insurance company processes the application. The system should be working at the end of this month. (10/14/2013)