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Chris Thile
The mandolin virtuoso is set to become the new host of the popular "A Prairie Home Companion" radio show in September 2016. (07/22/2015)
New Americans in Fargo-Moorhead
Families from Iraqi Kurdistan, Nepal, Vietnam, Bosnia, Albania and handful of African nations — Somalia, Sudan, Liberia, Congo, Burundi and others — have discovered an unlikely haven in the Red River Valley. (06/16/2015)
Guiding the drum circle
Kennedy Elementary music teacher Justin Depaolis-Metz started a drum circle as a way to create community and build connections at his Fargo school. (06/15/2015)
A community tradition called Cleanup Week gives residents a chance to shed household extras. The spring cleaning also creates a free-for-all among scavengers eager to dig for valuables. (05/08/2015)
Minnesota celebrates Arbor Day on the last Friday in April. This Arbor Day, meet some folks in the region who love (and hug) and photograph trees. (04/23/2015)
Deep down, we know it's not truly spring, but the warm weather has brought on a serious case of spring fever around the state. (03/13/2015)
Personal tidings from around the globe arrive in Fargo, North Dakota, each year where a communications professor eagerly receives them. Ann Burnett has collected holiday letters for about 15 years and counting. (12/24/2014)
This collection of historical images offers a sample of the expected (school pageants) and the unexpected (turkey races) activities of past celebrations. (11/26/2014)
What are the Kool-Aid Man and Imperial At-At Walkers doing in the Twitter feed of the Lino Lakes Police Department? (10/01/2014)
With just 3,558 residents, or six people per square mile, Travis County along the South Dakota border is Minnesota's least populated -- and it fits most common definitions of frontier. It can be lonely, so people have come to rely on a far-flung network of agencies and collaborators to serve a population that's also one of the oldest in the state. We looked at how the county copes these challenges as part of our Forced To Choose series. (12/14/2011)
July is typically a busy month for bees, and peak time for honey production in Minnesota. It's also a busy time for beekeeper Jeff Anderson, who keeps a close eye on his hives - not just to watch for honey, but also for disease. (07/14/2011)
A dying craft is being preserved in a small northern Minnesota town. Black Swan barrels is one of only a few remaining wooden barrel makers in the country. Tucked away inside a nondescript industrial building in the tiny town of Osage, the shop floor of this family-run business is a busy, noisy place. (06/22/2011)
Nearly half the golden-winged warblers in the world are in northern Minnesota right now for the summer breeding season, and the tiny birds have become the subjects of a two-year research project that could help determine whether they should be listed as a threatened or endangered species. (06/16/2011)
The water has reached record levels north of Fargo-Moorhead and dozens of roads are under water making travel nearly impossible. MPR News sent photojournalist Ann Arbor Miller to get an aerial view of the flooding in the Red River Valley. (04/12/2011)
Volunteers and homeowners are building sandbag dikes to ready themselves for the expected rise of the Red River at Fargo-Moorhead to between 39 and 41 feet by late this weekend. (04/06/2011)